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Perpich Center for Arts Education Foundation

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The Perpich Center for Arts Education Foundation ("Perpich Foundation") is the primary fundraising arm of the Perpich Center for Arts Education ("PCAE").

The PCAE began life in 1985 as a state agency dedicated to providing arts education throughout the state of Minnesota by providing Minnesota students the opportunity to develop and integrate their artistic and academic abilities to their highest potential by teaching in and through the arts.

PCAE provides educational experiences through statewide outreach and professional development activities to ALL Minnesota Educators. These arts integration programs have been proven to increase student engagement four-fold over regular classroom curricula. PCAE sponsors the Minnesota Turnaround Arts initiative, part of a national program established by the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities. Turnaround arts focuses on providing arts integrated educational opportunities in some of the nations poorest performing schools, (and it works!)

Additionally, talented students statewide compete for the opportunity to attend the two-year arts high school located in Golden Valley, MN. In additional to the traditional high school curriculum, studes specialize in the areas of music,theater, dance, photography, media, ceramics, painting, writing and other fine and applied arts. Perpich students have a 98-100% graduation rate, earn millions of dollars in scholarships and attend post-secondary institutions directly after high school at a rate of 60-65%.

Finally, the Perpich Arts Library is resource for students, educators, and the Minnesota public providing an extensive collection of arts education resources with more than 15,000 items.

The Perpich Foundation is responsible for raising outside money for the PCAE and distributing it in the form of scholarships, grants, and outright funding. The Perpich Foundation raises money from direct contributions, annual fund drive campaigns, income for certain services, and special events.

What new functionality we are looking for

The Foundation is seeking to create an online presence which will maximize the Foundation's ability to share information, to execute and share the Foundation's vision, mission, and raise the funds necessary to support the organization.

Currently the site does not reflect the spirit, creativity, drive, and ingenuity of the artists, students, and educators that the Foundation serves. The site is very static, difficult to update, and does not provide the tools necessary capitalize on opportunities.

We envision the new site having dynamic elements allowing contributors to share an integrated calendar of events with the agency. Blog/Vlog, and social media integration to share educational and financial milestones.

The site should be able to flexibly integrate campaigns focused on general visibility, recruiting, and fund raising; gather user input data and aggregate it for reporting purposes.

Ideally, the site would function seamlessly for tablet and phone, with the ability to have payment gateways for the purchase of periodic arts content and to accept donations.

How the new functionality will help

This new functionality will allow the Foundation to widely distribute relevant content to current and potential stakeholders, grow our viewer base and distribution lists, communicate more effectively with stakeholders and the pubic at large to raise money for our students and arts education programs.

How our organization will use the technology

Our Foundations Communications Committee will be able to share content across multiple channels in a simple and elegant way. The barriers for those wishing to donate will be decreased.

Who will use the technology

Communications Committee will be able to communicate richer, relevant content across multiple channels resulting in greater user and stakeholder engagement and return traffic.

Fundraising Committee will be able to run campaigns and make specific asks and offerings to a wider more engaged audience resulting in more frequent micro transactions and open the door to larger gifts. Overall visibility will result in opportunities for partnerships with larger institutions and planned giving.

Social and Legislative Engagement can utilize the streamlined site to provide updated and constant messaging to those who need it most at the times it is most needed.

Student outreach and recruitment will be able to communicate directly with the youth of Minnesota providing opportunities to directly enrich the lives of Minnesota Students.

Educator Engagement will be able to segment out relevant content directly for the states educators.

Before & After Snapshots

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128 Messages from Supporters

2017-03-20 00:49:48 UTC

As a long time supporter and former Foundation Board member of Perpich Center, I feel the Foundation needs a new site.

2017-04-02 14:14:03 UTC
Rachael Dosen

This school completely turned my life around. I would not be the person I am today without it, nor would I have gotten any of the golden opportunities I've had as a professional artist. Please support PCAE!

2017-03-20 15:46:10 UTC
Myah Gray

We need more places in the world for people to be encouraged to have freedom of expression and imagine without boundaries. Please support a place in our State that has provided that for many years.

2017-03-20 13:24:19 UTC
Amy Gray

My sister went to the Perpich Center 17 years ago and it made a big difference in her life. It changes the course of the lives of children and teachers in Minnesota. A new website for its Foundation would help raise its profile to raise money to support Arts Education in MN.

2017-03-18 01:57:05 UTC
Cynthia Rowe

I was fortunate enough to be part of the second graduating class of the Perpich Center for Arts Education (then called Minnesota Center for Arts Education) in 1992. It was inspiring to experience the passion and enthusiasm of the faculty, staff, students, and those in the broader community who all shared this crazy dream of making the world a better place by embracing the arts and who dared to believe that a richer learning experience is possible in the public school system. The concept of magnet schools was in its infancy and the idea of infusing a high school program with arts-based education was viewed by so many in the public and legislature as a risky experiment (or just plain nuts). Kids from all parts of the state with widely different socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, religious beliefs, educational experiences, values, and interests lived together, ate together, learned together, created beautiful and powerful art together, and became more interesting people together. A successful experiment!

Perpich Center focuses heavily on finding new and different ways to help people learn and to seek out common experiences with people of diverse backgrounds. Without my experience at Perpich, it would have been easy to slip into a boilerplate life. Perpich gave me the courage to take risks, step out of my comfort zone, find meaning in the ordinary, and wonder in the extraordinary. For many students over the years, it was quite literally a lifeline that gave them hope and a path out of a community where they were frightened all the time simply because they are different.

PCAE has been in a decades-long struggle to obtain adequate funding to keep its doors open and continue to make unique experiences available for students, artists, and educators. As funding for the arts and education continue to evaporate, support from the Perpich Foundation becomes critical to making those experiences possible—dorm scholarships make it possible for lower-income outstate students to attend the school, financial assistance programs make it possible for parents to visit their children when transportation costs are overly burdensome, academic and arts based scholarships help students continue their education after graduation, grants make it possible for educators to come together to learn something new and take that knowledge home to enrich their local communities, and sponsored programs provide an opportunity for people to experience the arts.

With a team of amazing Nerds to develop a functional website, the Foundation would be able to reach more people, better tell the world why the Perpich Center is so important to the community, get information about available programs out to those for whom participating in the Center’s services would otherwise be just a pipe dream, and make it easier for people who want to support the Center to find ways they can become involved and donate time, money, or other needed resources. The Perpich Center is the life’s work for so many dedicated adults and has changed the lives of thousands of extraordinary young people. Please help us keep the dream alive!

2017-03-18 05:52:18 UTC
Suzanne Lundeen Abrams

The one year I spent at PCAE in 1996-97 was formative in my development.

PCAE's resources and supportive creative community fosters growth in more than art. PCAE offers interdisciplinary learning at its finest.

As an adult, I have become a civic leader, successful entrepreneur, and mentor. None of this would have happened without my ability to hone my creative nature concurrently with my broader skill development. Blending arts with life truly brightens my own path and shines a light for others along the way.

2017-03-18 12:51:39 UTC

Please support our school! The arts are essential and PCAE leads the whole state of MN toward deeper arts integration.

2017-03-18 01:21:50 UTC
Brittany Edwards

The Perpich Center for Arts Education changes the trajectory of the lives of students and teachers in Minnesota, and fuels an innovation-based economy. The Perpich Foundation supports the mission of this stellar state agency and school. You will help save the dream of thousands of students and teachers by supporting the mission of this agency at a critical moment in its history. We need your help.

The United States distinguishes itself as an innovation-based economy. In the late 1970s, Governor Rudy Perpich was working for Control Data Corporation on a project in Europe to build relationships abroad, in between his first and subsequent terms in executive office. He and his wife, Lola, visited a public arts conservatory and school in Vienna (Hainlen, 2009). They felt a school like it in Minnesota would fuel an innovation-based economy.

In his thesis, James Hainlen said that James Undercofler and Barbara Martin were chosen to advocate for and run what became the Minnesota Center for Arts Education, known since 1999 as the Perpich Center for Arts Education (PCAE). They argued for a Center for the “thinking artist,” as a place where students learned that ideas could be turned into realities. Undercofler became the first Executive Director, where he served until 1995, and Martin was the Deputy Director until 2001. Undercofler believed that the ultimate evaluation measure was the student body’s collective ability, or an individual student’s ability, to think critically, take risks, and express their art or understanding of art, at a sophisticated level.

The Arts High School, which was the original concept from Lola and Rudy Perpich, with heavy influence by William LaRue Jones (then head of the Twin Cities Youth Symphonies), is a statewide, public, residential high school centered in the arts for students in grades 11 and 12 (Hainlen, 2009). At inception, the school had six areas of artistic emphasis: music, theater, dance, visual arts, literary arts and media arts. In 2010, a seventh art area was added as an interdisciplinary art-science program. This history is related in close detail in a doctoral thesis by James Hainlen. (Hainlen, 2009) Historical context is also based on interviews in the course of this project which overlap with Hainlen’s research, and an extensive review, and digitizing, of his research papers.

PCAE is the arts department of the Minnesota Department of Education. When you search Arts standards on MDE’s site, it states, “The Perpich Center for Arts Education provides guidance on developing local arts standards,” and lists a PCAE administrator as the contact. This was part of the founding intent for the Center. This means they set standards and curriculum for arts and integrative education for the State of Minnesota. The Center plays a leadership role in the design and implementation of K-12 Arts Standards. They also provide curriculum and training tools through their publications.

Today, PCAE is still a fairly young and small state agency when compared with traditional agencies such as MMB or the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). For example, MMB oversees all state agencies in terms of their management and budget needs. SmART, the Small Agency Research Team is a subset of MMB, available as an administrative resource for state agencies in smaller scope such as PCAE. Perpich provides the Art curriculum and standards for MDE. However, MDE is the overall resource for E-12 public education in the state.

PCAE has faced an ongoing challenge since inception to fit into the mold, and related state policies and statutes, of these large and complex agencies. The Center was not meant to fit the traditional model of E-12 education. It was meant to help influence and shape emerging pedagogies and technologies. The agency was envisioned by Governor Rudy Perpich and members of the legislature, to put emphasis on the arts, and innovative methods of education for students, teachers and communities statewide. It actualizes this through three distinct branches: the PCAE Library, the Arts High School (AHS), and Professional Development and Research (PDR).

Hainlen, James D. "The Process of Politics: A Study of the Political Process Leading to the Establishment of the Minnesota Center for Arts Education." University of Minnesota. September, 2009.

2017-03-18 02:43:15 UTC
Chelsea Freund

I also attended Perpich with Cynthia and graduated in 1992. At times it's difficult for me to tell anyone who hasn't had the privilege of being part of this school what it's like, and it seems so inadequate to describe it as incredible, but it is. We came to that school from other areas of the state that had very few resources and time dedicated to the arts. We were able to work with teachers who were very much interested in approaching education in a non-traditional way for our non-traditional brains. We suddenly had access to the best and the brightest artists in Minneapolis and St. Paul and beyond. The best part - THE BEST - was that we became these great artists for each other. I still go to my friends first to support them. I buy their music, I applaud their movies and shows, I collect their art on my walls. I am so proud of them.

I have heard that teachers from around the state have used the programs that were used for me as a student on THEIR students. We were the sounding boards and the guinea pigs for deciding what would be promoted to other classrooms. They discovered that it wasn't just artists that struggled with traditional learning; maybe "struggled" isn't the right term either. But I think that we know that "traditional" can mean that large groups of people are displaced and ignored because they do not fit certain economic, racial or gender demographics. Perpich Center for Arts Education is the first place where all of us students (and teachers) felt as if those barriers had no valid place in education.

I hope that you will agree to take on this project on behalf of Perpich in order to help keep the doors open for our beloved school and the organization. It's not just Perpich that will benefit from making this information available and easily accessible and functional, it will be the entire state of Minnesota's students and educators. We want everyone to know that they have a place to go that is always welcoming of their values and passion.

2017-03-18 03:44:33 UTC
Sarah Manley '92

Through PCAE, I gained an appreciation of how I can impact the world through arts. The education I received set me up for collegiate and post graduate success, as well as contributions to the business world. Learning how to look at issues from a big picture lens has helped me create successful global marketing strategies. Effective communication is more important than ever before in our world and this school equips students to take their talents to grow their talents, tell their stories, listen for understanding and positively impact the world. As a pillar of innovation and model of forward-thinking, this school creates space for artists of all disciplines to grow.

2017-03-18 03:05:03 UTC
Bree O'Connor

As a '93 graduate of what was then MCAE (now PCAE), I must admit that I cannot speak as eloquently about the way PCAE functions as part of the educational machinery for the state on Minnesota. What I can speak to, however, is the impact that MCAE has had on my life for the last 24 years.

My freshman and sophomore years of high school were marked by misery and a distinct lack of engagement in my education. My hometown high school teachers would complain about my lack of motivation and the waste of my potential. Aside from social difficulties common to kids who do not conform, I was unresponsive to the class structure and expectations in my hometown high school. I was on my way to being a "lost" student. Yet another kid who just "wouldn't apply herself".

My junior year was different. I found myself immersed in classes where open discussion wasn't just a treat after reading a book, it was a daily occurrence. My thoughts and discoveries were valued and my creativity was not a burden on scant emotional and physical resources of faculty and staff, but something to be celebrated and supported. In my junior year, I was given the keys to my intellect and creativity and encouraged to drive.

I became a different person in those two years, a person who saw a future in a creative life. In 1990, the idea that I could pursue a career as an actor, director and writer seemed frivolous and foolish. By 1991 I was on a path to develop my voice as an artist. Today, I still call upon skills I began learning in my junior year. Everything from crafting a resume to communicating with designers, writing scripts to writing press releases, solving problems on the fly, delegating tasks, and learning how to lead a team and value every voice on that team... all of these skills have roots in my first year at MCAE.

This is what a comprehensive arts education can do. And the skills are not just applicable to professional artists, they are skills that pay off in ANY work environment and these skills enhance personal relationships as well.

These experiences were integral in helping me to become the person and the artist that I am today. If it were not for this educational opportunity, I sincerely doubt that I would be running my own theater group in NYC. Every child who is willing to put in the work should have access to these arts resources. Every child should have exposure to art and artists so they can explore themselves and the power of their own minds. Because every child deserves to be engaged.

2017-03-18 14:37:25 UTC
Nancy Uden

As the parent of a Perpich alumni, I can testify that Perpich Center for the Arts changes lives! This amazing Minnesota educational institution is a bit of a hidden jewel that could be brought into the light with a better website for awareness and fundraising capabilities. The Foundation is currently trying to raise $5000 for Greater MN outreach, and frankly the platform is so outdated it looks suspect and actually is a deterrent for their fundraising efforts. The people that have added their testimonials before me have spoken so eloquently. I support the Perpich Center and its amazing mission. A group of bright technologists like The Nerdery could catapult the Center at a time that is critical to Perpich's success. I can't think of an organization more deserving!

2017-03-18 14:48:17 UTC
Nancy Weidenfeller

Perpich Center for Arts is a hidden gem. I have recent personal experience with the Perpich Center for Arts High School and know that it can be transformational for students due to the diversity of students who attend, smaller class sizes, quality of educators, and curriculum that enables students to identify and pursue their goals. The High School facilitates an environment of learning, creativity, and inclusion. All traits that are needed in our world today.

People learn about its mission and resources primarily through word of mouth or referrals. We need to strengthen the website so that people are more aware of Perpich's unique value, its impact, and progress being made. We also need to strengthen the website so that interested parties can contribute to its mission and also be a source of information and connection for those who see the impact of arts in our world.

2017-03-18 16:10:57 UTC
Mandy Meisner

I am a Perpich Center for Arts Education graduate and was part of the third graduating class in 1993. I had heard about it from another student who had just been accepted. A brand new, state wide high school dedicated to the arts? I was intrigued. At the time, music had become very important to me. Yes, I loved it and dedicated much time to it, but beyond that, I yearned for more. More challenge, more opportunity, more understanding—I wanted so much more but I could not describe most of it if you asked me. I only knew that there was a whole world that eluded me and that I wished to be in it.

My two years here shaped who I am today more than any other experience. Here, I was offered more and then some. Here, I grew as a musician—more than that—I was taught what it meant to be a musician and how to value all art forms. Here, I received good grades in my core academics—more than that—I learned independent thinking, to examine information with a critical lens and how to problem solve creatively. Here, I made good friendships—more than that—I built relationships across the spectrum of geography, economic status, world views, art discipline and gender.

I know that at the time, the building and the programming was in its infancy. I never saw the blood, sweat and tears of the professionals who taught me. I only saw the heart and possibility of their work. This gave me heart and possibility in all things for the rest of my life.

The direct results of my time and education at Perpich have allowed me to be a productive adult in creative, intelligent and thoughtful ways that I would not be able to, had I not went here. Simply, I am a better person because I went here. I am more civic minded, more collaborative, more confident with more skills to offer in the work place.

This school is an incredible asset to Minnesota having established a legacy of producing artists, leaders, public servants and our most valuable asset in society—people who will become their best selves.

2017-03-18 19:52:45 UTC
Gretchen Brant

Our son graduated from Perpich. As a bright and gifted young man with Asperger's Syndrome, he had many obstacles, including being bullied through the day at his home public school as well as teacher's who vastly underestimated his academic abilities and no notice to his glaringly apparent artistic gifts.

The culture at the Perpich Arts High School fostered extremely supportive and close relationships among students, where they learn to compete against oneself, to use creativity to learn and problem-solve across all subjects, and that being artistic is awesome. The school is small enough that all of the staff know all of the students. The teachers meet to exchange strategies on how to challenge each individual student and know that right-brained students learn differently and they know how to engage and harness those creative minds. Students learn that teachers can become allies instead of enemies. Most alumni are still in touch with at least one former Perpich teacher. The percentage of grads that go on to college is one of the highest in the State. In comparison to Hopkins High, from where our daughter graduated, the teachers and staff at Perpich work their butts off to recommend colleges, find grants and scholarships, enter contests (like the national Scholastic Art awards that always has a big representation from Perpich). Students even learn how to write a grant proposal! Overall, seniors hate to graduate and still look back on Perpich as the best years of their school life.

In addition to the specialized intensive arts education lacking at their home schools, I found the academics at Perpich to be especially challenging and innovative -- much more so than highly regarded Hopkins High School. In addition to textbooks, the teacher's used graduate papers and timely articles from The Atlantic and The New Yorker to stimulate students with relevant and current information.

The Special Ed department gave our son amazing support in and out of the classroom. The low population, teacher to student ratio and the wholly inclusive culture have our sensory and emotionally sensitive son a calm, non-competitive, inclusive environment in which he thrived. For the first time in his life, school was not a daily physical, mental, emotional and physical assault. His art work grew both in execution and concept. Our autistic son had been starting each day by going through a gauntlet of bullying, segregation and extremely low expectations at Hopkins High School. At Perpich he received mostly A's and a few B's, graduating with I believe a 3.7 GPA. He won two Silver Scholastic Arts Awards and a four year scholarship to College of Visual Arts in St. Paul! Perhaps most importantly, for the first time he felt he belonged, his gifts in academics were challenged rather than doubted and he achieved. His 2D and 3D visual art gifts grew beyond even what we thought was his potential.

Perpich was, no doubt, the single most healing and inspiring experience in our son's and our own lives.

2017-03-18 20:02:38 UTC
Lindsay Jenson

Perpich Center for Arts Education was an integral part of my life. The two years I spent there helped me become who I am today. It was where I was introduced to sign language, and now I have been a successful sign language interpreter for the last decade. I had the best education because of the teachers who were there because they loved art and their students. It was where I formed the relationships that have lasted for almost twenty years. I can not describe how important this institution is to the students that attended, and the State of Minnesota. In this era of cutting arts across the nation, let's not fall into the same trap. Minnesota has always lead the way in education, it is the main reason why I am proud to be born and raised here. Let's continue to have a higher standard for the students and schools in this state.

2017-03-20 13:37:33 UTC
Myah Gray

We need more places in the world for people to be encouraged to have freedom of expression and imagine without boundaries. Please support a place in our State that has provided that for many years.

2017-03-18 19:59:02 UTC
Crystal Stohr Hall '97

There is simply no other school like Perpich, and the way it fosters interdisciplinary work and creative thinking is second to none. My time at Perpich set me on my path as a musician and music educator, and I still think back to experiences there as I continue forward with my career.

I was able to meet students from across Minnesota, and the teachers and environment encouraged us to share our stories and put our similarities and differences into our work. Who we were was celebrated rather than stifled. We were encouraged to stand out, not conform. We were challenged and at the same time treated with respect and like young adults. Never before (and rarely since) have I been listened to like I was by my teachers there. I think the Arts High School encouraged tolerance in real ways and worked hard to create an atmosphere of inclusion that spilled out to the various communities from which we all came.

As an adult, I had the privilege to do a little work with the arts education arm that provides professional development to teachers across the state. Much of what I have done as a teaching artist grew out of my time at Perpich, and much of what I dreamed of doing professionally when I moved back here aligns with the mission of the Perpich Center.

Oh, and I did meet my husband there, so that was a bonus!

2017-03-18 20:00:15 UTC
PJ Maracle '06

I learned about Perpich from my mom, who as an art teacher, attended a teacher training put on by the outreach program.

She came home super excited, and told me she felt like I would love this high school that she was just at. As a normal high-schooler I was intrigued, but hesitant to upend my social life to move to a new school.

Attending Perpich is one of the best decisions I ever made.

I was allowed to express myself more freely, with more support, and in a more welcoming environment. I fell in love with art history thanks to Craig Farmer, and then went on to earn my undergrad degree in art history.

Perpich has made an impact on thousands of people for the last several decades, as evidenced by a rather active alumni network and support group. Having a more dynamic website that properly reflects the spirit, community and current events at the school would strengthen the mission of Perpich.

2017-03-18 20:06:01 UTC
LiLi Jackson

Perpich is one of the best educational experiences I have had; this is including Graduate school at Royal College of the Arts in London and Keio University in Tokyo! Not only was the arts education unparalleled to any other offering in the state or most of the country's high schools, but their academic courses as well. I had come to Perpich from The Blake School where we had a rigorous academic structure. I was in happily in high level math and sciences, but their arts programs were a joke. The theatre department was the worst of any I had seen.
At Perpich, the academics were not only as good as Blake, the students cared more and learned more than at Blake. The teachers, whom we all held great respect for, inspired not rote regurgitation of statistics, but true understanding of physics or calc-trig. We were fortunate to be in an environment where we could push ourselves beyond what we thought (or were told) we could in our old high schools. This is the most important center of education in the state of Minnesota.

2017-03-18 20:12:00 UTC
Ron Brant

Our son graduated from Perpich in '08.
It changed his life. He and his talents were welcomed and accepted. He thrived. He found an oasis of like-minded friends and nurturing staff and teachers. Perpich is a gift.

2017-03-18 20:21:38 UTC
Audrey Mahowald

I graduated from the visual arts department at Perpich in 2005. I lived in the dorms, learned technical and conceptual art skills, was challenged academically, was nurtured by the talented and caring faculty, and also met the most inspiring and best friends of my life. Being able to attend this program allowed me to escape an otherwise dead end high school experience. The community there is like no other and it is crucial that this institution thrives for the sake of future creative students looking for a home. Supporting the school would allow it to become more visible to perspective students and keep the population strong.

2017-03-18 21:14:09 UTC

Attending MCAE/PCAE was one of the best, most impactful experiences of my life. Please help our beloved school increase its reach and impact for students across Minnesota--and support arts education everywhere!

2017-03-18 21:38:25 UTC
Caitlin Knight

Attending PCAE changed me for the better. I was in the Theater program from 2000-2002. Not only did my education at PCAE make me the performer and artist that I am today, it prepared me to attend and succeed at an academically rigorous college. I can honestly say that I would not be who I am today if it were not for my time at Perpich. It would be devastating to see an institution that has helped shape so many artists and made so many young people more prepared for the road ahead of them close it's doors.

2017-03-18 21:56:58 UTC
Lisa Noll

I attended Perpich and graduated Class of 2000. Perpich is a wonderful school. In it's halls I met an amazing group of individuals. Teenagers who wanted to be in school, were extremely talented, and whose passion to create was palpable.

This wasn't just a school for me. It was a solice and support. I'm not going to lie and say it was free from drama. Or that it was all sunshine and roses. But what in life is. It was, however, a place I was accepted for my "wierdness".

I attended Perpich for music. And while my main job is not within art. I carry what I learned with me. I have three children. And I pass what I have on to them. This, among many things, includes my love of all arts. My eldest is 12. She creates beautiful visual art, loves to write stories, has a passion for acting, and loves to sing. It is my hope for her, and her friends like her, that they have the oportunity to attend Perpich in the future. Just like my two sisters, myself, and my niece have.

Because Perpich isn't just a school. It's a community. A family. A home. In the years since graduation, my friends from Perpich have spread accross the U.S. (some even to other countries). Thanks to social media our community remains intact. We share our lives, our families, our joys and fears, our challenges and our triumphs. Standing here 17 years later. The wonderful people I met at Perpich continue to support me and each other.

I hope it will last another 30 years and continue to inspire anazing people, beautiful art, and lasting relationships

2017-03-18 23:35:31 UTC
Kari Makoutz

I am a graduate of Perpich (MCAE) class of '93. No words can really describe the wonderful experience I had there. I was able to be surrounded by people who understood and encouraged my creativity. The talented teachers there challenged me to think outside of the box and use my creativity and talent in regular class work, not just in Theater. That's a skill that I use now in my daily life and teach to my children.

When my daughter developed a love of Dance I started the search for a school that would give her a similar experience. Sadly we don't live in the State of Minnesota any longer, otherwise she would have auditioned for Perpich when she was old enough.

I'm constantly amazed by the wide range of vocations the graduates of Perpich have pursued. The staff and fellow students feel more like family than other experiences in my life.

2017-03-19 00:44:21 UTC

Perpich Foundation deserves your talents for a new site, to support this amazing place. Pick us! Pick us!

2017-03-18 20:05:49 UTC
SR Brant

To describe Perpich as anything less than a godsend would be a gross understatement.

When I first attended PCAE in the Fall of 2006, my artistic talent was limited to pen and colored pencil. When I graduated in 2008, I was adept at painting, printmaking, ceramics, woodcarving and my philosophical worldview expanded like a newborn universe. At an ordinary high school, you gnaw on the rinds of the fruit of knowledge. At Perpich, you consume it seeds and all.

I have no idea what I would be doing now if I stayed at Hopkins High School and had not gone to PCAE.

2017-03-18 20:10:36 UTC
Lora Fike

Perpich made me a whole person again through art and I became a straight A student, who blossomed in the project-based classes such as Analysis and Criticism with Mr. Clarkson and Arts and Ideas with Mr. Kanthak. I found my voice and developed an understanding of myself as a global citizen. I went on to focus on service-learning, and my literary skills propelled me both creatively and professionally through my undergraduate studies.

Before Perpich, I didn't have the confidence that what I thought, felt, observed, mattered. After Perpich, I became an advocate for the public interest and spent five years working in after-school programming for nonprofits in Colorado. My thirst for knowledge and education has never been quenched since. I am currently pursuing my law degree at Mitchell Hamline School of Law while simultaneously working towards my MFA in Creative Writing at Hamline University. Perpich told me I don't have to choose between passion and profession, and Perpich prepared me to be an advocate, an artist, and an academic. My life is not a matter of either or choices, it has been both and and I never would have dreamed any of it possible without setting foot on that campus.

Additionally, next month I am going on a 10-year reunion with almost half of my literary arts class of 2007. These folks are my roots, they have inspired me to grow in myriad ways. My peers became my colleagues and reminded me there are people like me and how important it is for youth to have safe spaces to identify and cultivate their strengths, artistically and academically. Perpich is a multidisciplinary haven. Many people like to forget high school as much as possible but Perpich brought people into my life that I hope to know for the rest of my life.

2017-03-18 20:49:22 UTC
Mandolyn Barrymore

During my sophmore year at a different high school my best friend's sister was telling me about this magical place called MCAE. (Now PCAE.) I heard of the arts high school at a very vulnerable time. I was receiving an incredible education but it didn't fit. I didnt feel I could be myself and I didn't feel like I belonged there, something was just off. I was fortunate during this time, my freshmore and sophmore year, to have music to focus on. I had been playing piano for years and had started experimenting with different instruments. I was the only student at that school to be in that place which made it difficult to grow and seemed to isolate me more. When I heard of arts high I knew it's where I wanted to be and I knew I could grow as a student and a musician.

I remember cleaning out the garage with my mom the day the mail carrier came with a certified letter. I started jumping up and down, mom and I hugging, and I remember distinctly the mail carrier commenting, "It's nice to see someone so excited over certified mail, that's not often the case." The rest is history.

I moved into the dorms the next fall and I never looked back. Those were two years of incredible growth for me. The academic classes were rigorous, encouraging discourse and self motivated learning. The art area contact was inspiring. They tought much more then just music. I learned math through theory. I learned physics through acoustic design. I learned how to be an ensemble member and a productive part of a collabrative team.

At the end of my two years there, at graduation, my Dad was amazed at how many students were crying and not just busting out of the doors to leave. Arts High was a home and a family. A family of amazing teachers, loving faculty and of like minded peers. Many of my classmates attribute arts high as being reason they made it through high school alive. Everyone was excepted at arts high without queation amd there was never any doubt in anyones mind that everyone there had a place and were going to be successful.

2017-03-18 21:36:06 UTC
Brianna Johnson

Perpich saves the lives of young artists! It certainly saved mine.

2017-03-18 21:47:52 UTC
Sarah France

I almost feel like it is trite to lead this by saying "PCAE changed my life", because that's how so many of these testimonials begin, but perhaps that is the greatest testament to the Perpich Center for Arts Education - that so many of us believe so strongly in the mission of PCAE and all it has done for us.

I graduated from the Arts High School class of 2002, where I focused in visual arts. The two precious years I had at PCAE helped me to transform from a student who had potential to succeed but who was often bullied, reluctant to connect with others and "lost in the system" of my local public school to a high-achieving student who gained confidence, had a greater engagement with the world around me, and developed friendships with other students, many of which have lasted through my life since. Going to school there connected me to teachers who mentored me, who cared deeply about who I was and how I could succeed academically, artistically and personally, and perhaps most importantly, it gave me a safe place to explore, grow, and develop comfort in my own self, too.

This organization has benefited countless lives between the students, staff, administrators and employees who have been so fortunate to be a part of it, as well as the families, friends and communities that they interact with. Many alumni and staff have had a truly global reach, spreading art and academic education and a worldview of seeing art as vital to humankind around the world. PCAE is something incredibly special, beautiful and rare - and I know I am a better person for my time there.

2017-03-18 22:40:26 UTC
Amy Tromiczak

I attended Perpich Center for Arts Education in the literary arts program from 2005-2007, and though I am not a professional writer, I use the skills that I learned there everyday. I am now a professional craftsperson - a weaver and small business owner - and have been accepted into shows, publications, and received awards and scholarships for both my artistic merit and use of the written word. Perpich saw my humble beginnings, both my creative and academic struggles and achievements, and my perseverance through it all.
Perpich is more than just an art school, but introduces to their students that creativity is in all things. Whether we embraced our learning directly through a career in that artistic field, or embraced the value of working with our hands, thinking critically, acting with purpose, we benefitted from the enriching education and community that we found. I was struggling in my previous high school, and Perpich saved me - gave me hope.
10 years ago I met my best friends at Perpich, and met the man who would, years later, become an amazing partner and is now my husband. I would not be who I am today without the education I received there, or the people I learned from and with, and believe that learning (about everything) through art produces critical thinkers. Perpich has students and alumni who are changing the world - not only through art, but through education, politics, law, medicine, biology, conservation, social justice, and so much more. Perpich may not have planted these ideas in us, but it gave us the space and the tools we needed to help us grow, and to continue growing beyond those few -but formative- years that we called Perpich "home."

2017-03-20 16:08:09 UTC
Elizabeth Walker

Perpich Changed my Life. I met my best friends there who are still my best friends to this day. Perpich taught me to be the best artist and person I could be. Perpich is more than a school to many kids. It is their home away from home.

2017-03-18 20:24:13 UTC
Kristen Kremer

My time at PCAE changed me all for the better. I spent 2005-2007 in the Theater program but got so much more than an education in performing arts. I found my world was shaped and changed in a way that opened my eyes to so much more than I would have been given in a traditional public school. I was able to express my creativity and found a voice that I am still crafting to this day. I made lifelong friends, many of whom I am still connected with, and found a passion for arts in every aspect of my life.

Perpich is a choice I would make again without a second's hesitation. The idea of it closing its doors to those who need it the most breaks my heart. It's a community of artists, students and faculty, that shaped so much of who I am today. I don't know who I would be if I hadn't found a place at Perpich.

2017-03-18 20:25:03 UTC

Please support PCAE!

2017-03-18 20:40:31 UTC
Nicole Menard '99

I graduated from Perpich and it changed my life. It made me a much more curious and inquisitive student and prepared me for college in the ways that my regular high schools couldn't. I found a group of fellow students who also inquisitive and curious; I found my people. There is nothing like Perpich in that it is a public high school with a focus in the arts and that is open to students all over the state of Minnesota. Artistic students who live in rural areas of our state are hard pressed to find a place like Perpich where they can attend a school that is focused on the arts, receive a rigorous high school education and not pay a private school tuition. The Perpich Center is a gem of our state and should be protected and continued for future generations of Minnesota students.

2017-03-18 20:54:51 UTC

Perpich is an incredible sanctuary and incubator for creative students across Minnesota. Coming from a rural community with few arts resources and a culture that didn't value creative expression the way it valued sports, Perpich was a haven for me as a high school student. It instilled in me discipline and confidence, and gave me cross-disciplinary skills I rely on to this day (I now work in the healthcare industry - a field that benefits more from creativity and communication skills than you'd think).

2017-03-18 21:02:09 UTC
Kelsey Cramer

I am an alumni (Theater class of 2004), as well as a frequent guest teaching artist. I would not be the artist or person I am today without my time at Perpich. Maybe it's because we were introduced to material and resources that most arts students don't get to until college, but I truly believe I received a better education in my two years here than I did at my four years at St. Olaf College! In the theater department, we were reading Peter Brook, Chekhov and Strindberg, studying Viewpoints and Meisner, and writing and directing our own material--pretty impressive and sophisticated material for teenagers! In my academic classes, I studied art history, Shakespeare, and foreign film, as well as more standard high school courses in pre-calculus, chemistry, and Spanish. The Perpich faculty and staff are committed to training young professionals in an interdisciplinary manner, and have high expectations for their students. Because of the rigorousness at Perpich, I was well-prepared for writing lengthy papers, staying on top of reading assignments, and managing long hours of evening rehearsals in college. Since graduating from college, I have built a career as a stage, film, and commercial actor in the Twin Cities, and since 2009, have eagerly returned to Perpich to guest teach and direct shows in the theater department. Perhaps most importantly in Perpich's inspiring arsenal is the fact that this school is the ONLY option for arts students living in greater Minnesota. More arts high schools have opened in the metro since I graduated, but Perpich continues to offer an incredible college-preparatory option for kids living in places like Duluth, Albert Lea, International Falls, and Mankato, and all the tinier towns in between. Plus, the Professional Development wing provides excellent resources and training to arts teachers and students across the state, an especially vital source for rural schools. Rebuilding Perpich's website and online presence, and bringing the school further into the digital age would HUGELY improve its outreach, its application numbers, and its relevance.

2017-03-18 21:30:27 UTC
Samantha Whitlock

The Perpich Center for Arts Education is not only an important organization in furthering the arts throughout Minnesota. The Arts High School builds skills in innovative ways and has provided me with a strong toolkit in critical thinking, emotional intelligence, citizenship, and problem solving as well as a passion for learning and teaching others. Being from rural Minnesota, arts education was not available to me on the scale it is to metro area students, and the experiences I was afforded through this program were invaluable to me.

2017-03-18 23:49:54 UTC
Steve Wetzell

Pease support the school. Perpich Center for Arts Education provides a valuable service and is a differentiator for the State of Minnesota.

2017-03-19 00:28:51 UTC
Malia Burkhart

I would not have considered art as a viable career option, and would not have been exposed to the diverse student body, that led to greater open-mindedness, compassion, and respect. Since graduating Perpich Center for Arts Education, I have graduated with a BA in Studio Art and "Art as Community Activism" at St. Olaf College, worked as an Associate Artist with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater for 10 years, have been working independently as an arts-educator for K-12 schools for 15 years, and have received several grants and program opportunities to expand and support my work. Grants include: Jerome Foundation, McKnight Foundation, and the MN State Arts Board. I am an integral member of the Twin Cities arts-community, have taught and inspired thousands of young students, have produced more than 30 performances solo and in collaboration with hundreds of other artists. My artwork has been featured in official City of Minneapolis publications, and I am widely recognized and appreciated for my contributions to the creative life of this city.
Before attending the Arts High School in 1992-1994, my exposure to types of art was very limited. I had always shown talent in the arts, but no examples existed in my direct experience of people making a living from their art. In addition to the excellent exposure through guest artists and teachers' work to highlight local examples of "real" artists, the education in Arts History connected me to a lineage of artists past and present. Most crucially, I was brought into a circle of peers who were actively exploring and pushing the boundaries of their own expression. This inspired me to explore myself deeper than I had ever before considered. My vision deepened and matured much faster due to this fantastically talented body of peers.
Another important outcome of my attendance at PCAE was experience student-centered education for the first time. In my search for colleges, I specifically looked for schools that would continue this style of personal-evaluation over flat grading systems. This led to my enrollment and graduation from the Paracollege program at St. Olaf College. Because of the catalyzing example set by PCAE early in my education process, I became a self-motivated learner, and continue to self-educate and guide my own process of development much more actively than had I never been exposed to a more participatory approach in my own education. "
Malia Burkhart

2017-03-19 01:02:00 UTC
Kelsey Mackedanz

Not only does Perpich have a significant impact on the arts, but it also impacts all other sectors of life (farming, humanities, politics, education, etc.). Supporting this organization is of utmost importance as they foster leadership in the youth, who will shape this world into an amazing place! Attending Perpich, graduating class of 2011, was one of the best decisions I have ever made and what I learned there helped me to be an effective member of society.

2017-03-19 01:08:36 UTC

I am a Music Educator and my daughter's life was changed through one of their schools. She needed a school that incorporated the Arts and now she is thriving. Perpich is MInnesota's valuable Arts Education resource! Training for teachers, Arts resource library for teachers and students and unique Arts High School for MN students. Perpich helps MN lead the way in transformative Arts Education!

2017-03-19 01:15:16 UTC
B. McManamon

I was born and raised in Waseca, Minnesota and attended the Perpich Center for Arts Education where I graduated with a theater focus in 1993. I currently live in New York City where I am an actor in addition to teaching acting at Juilliard, NYU and the National Theater Institute as well as being Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Academy at Stratford. I am just one of many proud and successful alumni of the PCAE.

Attending the Arts High School was the single biggest turning point in my life. I would not be where I am today or who I am today if I hadn’t gone to the Arts High School.Put simply, it is because of the Perpich Center for Arts Education that I became an actor at all.

I grew up with a cornfield in my back yard and three stoplights in the whole town. Needless to say, it was not a theatrical mecca. One day, at the public library I picked up a brochure for a school that had just opened in Golden Valley that sounded a lot like the T.V. show I grew up watching. Set in a New York City performing arts high school, Fame dealt with the struggles of students to achieve their ultimate goal of fame in the entertainment world -- and to become something!

This new school, the Minnesota Center for Arts Education, as it was called then, might be my chance to become something, I thought, and spend all day doing what I loved, surrounded by others who shared my interests and passions.

I applied, auditioned and was accepted. The day my mother loaded up the car and drove me to Golden Valley has to be one of the most exciting days of my life. It felt like my life was beginning. And it was.

It was 1991 -- a very exciting time to be at the Arts High School. The school was brand new. I was in the third class in the school’s history. I remember being shocked to be able to call the faculty by their first names and never imagined that a few of them would become my mentors and good friends remaining in my life all of these years later.

It took me only a minute to realize that for the first time in my life, I was in a place where I could truly be myself. At the Arts High School, everyone was invited. No one was excluded -- a noticeable change from my previous school. For those of us living on campus, it was our home. We went to school together – creating, discovering, growing -- and then spent the rest of our time together in the dorms, the cafeteria, the library, out on the grass by the pond -- colliding with our artistry.

I did incredible things at the Arts High School. In an evening of Shakespeare, I am proud to say I was the school’s first Hamlet; a role I have gone on to play two times since! But, I am told by faculty that I am remembered to this day for my portrayal of a horse in a devised production of Chinese folk tales.

The education I had PCAE – both artistically and academically -- put me far ahead of the other students in my class at Boston University where I received my undergraduate degree in acting. At the Arts High School, I had already performed Shakespeare, Chekhov, Brecht, Italian Farce, Commedia Del Arte and immersed myself in the Stanislavski technique.

And without really being aware of it, I had discovered an entirely new approach to the art form. Back home in Waseca, the extent of acting training included learning your lines and showing off. It wasn’t until I met Barbara Morin, the head of the theater department at Perpich, that I discovered that the Theater is an art form and Acting a craft influenced by a long tradition of artists. In doing so she set the standards in my life very high and I think of her and everything she taught me to this day along with the hope that one day I would become a professional actor.

And I have. I graduated from Boston University’s College for the Arts with an undergraduate degree in acting. After several years in New York City, I attended the Yale School of Drama where I received my Master of Fine Arts degree joining a long list of successful alumni including Paul Newman, Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver, Angela Bassett, Liev Schrieber, Paul Giamatti and many more.

I have gone on to work in regional theaters in the United States and all over New York City. I have toured to Croatia with the critically acclaimed New York based theater company, Theater Breaking Through Barriers, a company of sighted, visually impaired and blind actors. I have also traveled to the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland where our production received the festivals top prize. I also received a full scholarship to continue my study at the British American Drama Academy at Oxford University.

More recently, I have begun to share what I have learned with the next generation of actors with teaching positions at The Public Theater, Vassar College, New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, The Academy of Cinema and Television, and the Dwight-Edgewood Project at Yale University.

Thinking back to my time at Perpich I wonder if all of the experiences I am fortunate enough to have had in my career are not simply attempts to replicate my experience at the Arts High School.

Taking the leap of faith and drive to relocate in my junior year of high school would be the first of many risky but deeply rewarding steps which I believe have kept me moving forward -- closer and closer to the best artist-- and leader -- I can be.

In so many ways the school made a huge impact on my life and I will forever care about and support that institution.

2017-03-18 23:06:20 UTC
Madeline Dudziak

Perpich Center for Arts Education and Arts High fundamentally changed my life. I was given a theater education that set me up for success in both undergrad and my graduate education.

I learned creativity isn't something you just have, it's something you can develop. I learned to take responsibility for myself. The school fostered my independence. Perpich allowed me the chance to forge friendships with people from six distinct art disciplines, each with their own take on the world. One of the greatest gifts I learned was to “watch with love in my eyes.” What a powerful thing. I didn’t have to enjoy the art, though I often did. I just had to watch and drink it all in without being judgemental. That is a powerful thing to learn at 16.

What would our society be without young artists? Distinctly less interesting. Perpich allows any junior and senior in Minnesota the chance to study their chosen art area. I say any, because Perpich is unique in that students from outside the metro area are able to come to the school because of the dorm. The center also trains teachers from across the state in order to further the arts in their own towns. It is truly an asset to the state and it would be a terrible thing to lose. Helping the foundation build a better website would be invaluable to the center and it's continued successes.

2017-03-18 23:13:49 UTC
Lauren DeLand

When Lola Perpich first proposed the founding of a statewide arts high school to the Minnesota legislature in 1983, she must have realized that her plan faced both long odds and a lengthy battle. At the time, the integrated arts and academic education that Rudy and Lola Perpich had observed in Viennese schools was virtually unknown in American education systems, and Mrs. Perpich’s proposal to found the Minnesota Center for Arts Education represented a gamble of taxpayer money towards uncertain outcomes. I write today to testify how Lola and Rudy Perpich’s gamble has paid off for the state of Minnesota.

Like thousands of other Minnesotans who attended the Arts High School at Perpich Center for Arts Education, I have benefited personally from the singular educational experiences it afforded me. I currently hold a doctorate in Art History and an Assistant Professorship in my field, neither of which would have been possible had I not been afforded the rare opportunity to study art history intensively at the high school level with PCAE's own, wonderful Craig Farmer, or to intensively develop my own studio practice at a young age..

Yet PCAE does more than endow the arts with the same level of respect accorded to more traditional high school academics; as I discovered very quickly, it also erodes the false distinctions between them. Students learn how the reverberations of music reflect the laws of physics, how history informs poetry, and how visual representations shape our very perceptions of reality. I, who had been often bored and despondent at my old school, was suddenly interested in everything, and like many of my peers my grades reflected this new level of engagement, as I swiftly evolved from slacker to honor student. Beyond the technical skills I had gained from two years of visual arts studies, at Perpich I gained the ability to think and speak critically, to make a persuasive case for my own work and for that of others.

Minnesota, meanwhile, continues to reap the benefits of PCAE in the alumni who have returned to Minnesota en masse, where they serve as journalists, musicians, entrepreneurs, teachers, writers, doctors, designers, curators, political organizers, and in more capacities than I can name. We spend our days in different occupations, but we are united in our appreciation for what the PCAE has done for us, and in our desire to use our education to give something back to the state. The Arts High School has sent its graduates to colleges and conservatories around the world, and many of these graduates have returned to help build Minneapolis into what it is today: an internationally renown urban center for dance, theater, music and visual art. Yet PCAE’s benefits extend far beyond the boundaries of the Twin Cities; as the premier resource for arts education in Minnesota, PCAE provides resources and training to arts educators from across the state, enhancing the quality of education throughout greater Minnesota. In the twenty years since Lola Perpich’s dream became a reality, PCAE has transformed not only the state of education in Minnesota, but the culture and quality of life as well.
The health and long-term viability of the Perpich Center for Arts Education is symbiotically connected with the vitality of Minnesota itself.

2017-03-19 00:23:50 UTC
Lana Suomala

Attending PCAE has impacted my life in such a an important and wonderful way. I had access to excellent instruction and experienced a community of artists. I have taken that experience into all aspects of my life, especially as an artist and as a teacher. Please support this school!

2017-03-19 04:07:15 UTC

Arts high helped me keep learning when other public schools lumped me into the "not worth it" category. I'm grateful to the student and staff family for enriching my life in a way nothing else could have.

2017-03-19 07:05:55 UTC
Mara Patton

When I was in 7th grade, I found out about PCAE. I was struggling in a tiny, rural community. I felt so alone and was so desperate for like-minded peers, for stimulating academics, for really sinking my teeth into something that challenged me and helped me grow. After learning about Perpich, I had no other plans. I counted the days until I could apply and then counted the moments until I could attend. Had I not gotten in, I'm not sure what I would have done. For me it was a dream come true, and a real life-line. I am 35 years old now and when someone asks me to think of the happiest moment of my life, sure getting married is up there, meeting my husband, getting my dream job, but the real truth of the matter is that the memory of getting my PCAE acceptance letter still trumps everything else. It was a complete pivotal shift to my whole live in one envelope.

In my two years at Perpich I found my voice, found a community, and gained a sense of self and identity that is still at the core of who I am today. I learned what it was to be fully engaged in work and study, to feel satisfied, to feel supported. I learned the joy of thinking rigorously and creatively, and found that I had something worth saying, and that it was worthy of being heard. Since leaving PCAE, I've carried that remembered feeling with me, and I've kept pushing to re-create it as an adult. I know what it is like to feel fully engaged, and the trust that I could have that again in my life has kept me from complacency. I now work in making video games, and for me this is the center of so many venn diagrams that I love - art, creative thinking, creation, technology, science, and fun. I'm not quite sure that I would have ever found my way here had I not experienced a model of deep satisfaction at Perpich.

This school and staff are special. The school does more than crank out artists or dancers, it creates creative human beings who have gained an ability to value and see creativity in the world that they go on to inhabit. For me and so many of my peers, PCAE was the first place where we ever felt we belonged. The enormity of a gift of joyous belonging paired with self expression and a sense of purposeful work cannot be overstated; but especially when it is given to an adolescent, just as they are about to tip over the edge into the real world. I am forever grateful for the school and for the so many tangible and intangible things I took from my brief two years there.

2017-03-19 02:17:46 UTC

It seemed like all the staff knew all the students names. In the first week I was greeted by name at the front door. I was shocked. At my previous school my parents were sent a letter saying I would be kicked out of the magnet program i was in for poor grades - and that they had met with me multiple times to try to remedy the situation. I had never met with anybody or been approached about it. That was when I knew I could not return there for my junior year. I remember at the end of sophomore year talking with a librarian about how I wouldn't be coming back, she said something like "oh good luck with the GED" and I let her know proudly that I was going to the Arts High School. In 2001 I graduated from Perpich with honors. The difference between PCAE and South High School (Mpls) was night and day. I am so happy that I decided to look into attending PCAE. This school saved me. I learned so much there (academically and as an artist). I have made lifelong friendships and will always cherish my high school memories there of how wanted I felt as a student and part of the community.
I want kids to continue to have this as a high school option. MN needs to keep this gem.

2017-03-19 04:19:51 UTC
Anonymous class of 1999

Perpich Center for Art Education is a gem. It's value to the arts in this state and far beyond is immesuarable because it lives in the thousands of artists in every medium that have come through the arts high school. Equally important - it is a sanctuary for the creative, intelligent, kind kids who need to find each other to survive high school. Please - in the name of "nerdery" - make the website awesome for the art nerds! 🤓

2017-03-19 04:27:53 UTC

Perpich is an incredible resource for educators, the public at large, and high school students. PCAE has given thousands of people the tools they need to create art and make a difference.

2017-03-19 05:53:41 UTC
Elisabeth Scherer class of 99

Perpich was my home for one year but in that year it helped me transition better into college while letting me explore my artistic passions. I can even begin to express what I learned from my classes and experiences let alone the transferable skills to becoming the person I am today. It is a valuable, unique place that would definitely benefit from this opportunity.

2017-03-19 06:00:19 UTC
Keane Amdahl

The Perpich Center is an outstanding arts organization that has provided the Twin Cities with countless artistic contributions and is amazing learning facility for students. What they greatly lack is Ann updated communications system which which they can utilize to get the word out in regard to their amazing programs.

Also, I went there.

Keane Amdahl

2017-03-19 02:48:37 UTC
Chrissy Mills

PCAE provides students with an incredibly important opportunity to experience a life infused and encompassed with art and culture. By attending Arts High I learned how to keep music as an integral part of my life as I pursued a degree in biology and then through law school. It was because of the support of the PCAE teachers and students that I fought for opportunities to keep making music through finals and the bar exam. Despite what others would tell me about letting it go. In those formative and critical pre-college years the support of PCAE was so important. And continues to be a source of inspiration and support. Once an Arts High kid, always an Arts High kid.

2017-03-19 03:49:23 UTC
D. Zwack

As a student who came to the Arts High School from a rural setting, and returned to small town life after graduation in 1996, I can say with certainty that there are no opportunities like what the school provided available to outstate residents. The charter and magnet school systems do not reach greater MN the way this school has done in the past. I did not ultimately pursue a career in the arts, but my time at Perpich was still the most valuable experience of my life. My rural worldview was very narrow. Attending a school in the metro area with talented people from across the state opened my eyes to so many new ideas and challenged me to achieve things I didn't know existed where I came from.
The rural outreach that is an essential guiding principle of the school is, in my opinion, the most valuable service it provides to the state of MN. Further, more than any other medium, the internet is the best way to reach rural MN residents. A user friendly, dynamic web presence is necessary for the school to continue to fufill its duties as an arts education resource for all of MN, and especially to residents who live far from urban centers. I hope you realize how valuable it could be for the future of art education in MN to have a redesigned website.

2017-03-19 04:46:25 UTC

I work in a healthcare clinic in the area. The PCAE students(and their parents) with whom I have had contact have expressed a great deal of gratitude for the opportunity to develop their artistic vision while getting a top notch high school education.

2017-03-19 11:54:45 UTC
Sue Johnston

As a psychotherapist, I have worked with several creative teens who could not find their niche in the traditional high school world. Their transfer to Perpich helped them find THEIR community and enriched our community with the art they produced. Support PCAE!

2017-03-19 14:08:19 UTC
Claire DeBerg

If not for Perpich I would never have learned how to live. It was not a place to simply learn how to learn...but instead a landscape that guides young people to learn how to live.

It is a space that allows some of the brightest, most courageous youth of this amazing state of Minnesota to engage with the depth of art in its many forms: literature and writing; film and media; dance; music and voice; theatre and performance; and visual and fine art.

If not for Perpich I would not have had the opportunity to learn about how cultures from around the world share a common language in the world of art. I was a dance major and fell in love with the shared world of movement to impart emotion, story, peace, forgiveness, anger, power, loneliness, heartache, connection and love.

Perpich is more than a is a world like no other. In the Perpich world otherwise ostracized students could come together and exhale knowing their unique way of approaching society with their art was not only accepted but nurtured, needed, necessary.

If not for Perpich I wouldn't have a vast network of creative, caring, peacemakers that I have today...the people who are actual, inspired change-makers.

Don't let the music die...let them sing.
Don't let the bodies fall...let them dance.
Don't let the paper burn...let them write.
Don't let the paints dry...let them create.
Don't let the curtain close...let them play.
Don't let the film bleed...let them direct.

If not for Perpich, I might not be here, writing this with a swollen heart for a place so dear to me.

I heart Perpich.

2017-03-19 15:16:05 UTC

I had the pleasure of working at Perpich for over 20 yrs. I proudly watched the first class graduate on the geese-friendly campus lawn and hopefully will not watch the last class graduate...unless I live forever. These students make me WANT to live forever just to see what they create next! There are no words to describe how meaningful this school has been to thousands of students and everyone in their world then and after. As someone with not a sliver of artistic talent to boost of, I can attest these students instill in me an unquenchable desire and appreciation for art in every form. As my idol Julie Andrews stated when she graced Perpich with a visit, "I wish I could have had this when I was in high school." And Perpich would be funded in surplus if $1 was collected every time that one sentence was uttered. Let's keep this 8th wonder of the world alive and well. Forever.

2017-03-19 12:56:38 UTC
2007 Alumni

This school was life changing for me both as a student who discovered school is actually awesome when teachers are invested in you and as an artist practicing my craft. Please help them with a website update!

2017-03-19 16:06:49 UTC

Perpich gives students the unique opportunity to not only improve their art, but also to explore it. There is no other program that I know of like it, Letting people express themselves through art is vital to growth for anyone, and it can be crucial for artists who wish to make it their living. I needed art, I needed that opportunity to help me find it was what I truly wanted to do. I know I wasn't the only one. Perpich and the arts are ridiculously important, especially now when we need togetherness, love, and understanding.

2017-03-19 16:44:30 UTC
Cece Otto

Without Perpich, I would not be the happy contributing member to the arts and society I am today.

I share America's history through song all over the US with the American Songline project, and have even mentioned my time at Perpich in my first book and in radio/podcast interviews. The critical thinking skills, close attention and mentoring, as well as the camaraderie with fellow students I had during those two years of school still impacts me 22 years later.

Had I stayed in my old high school, I would have placed lower in college classes, both academically and musically. My time at Perpich helped me test out of math and basic music theory at the undergraduate level, and I was able to take more classes that enabled me to earn a double major.

Before I was a student at Perpich, I never even thought about being a composer – as a woman I wasn't encouraged to think about music in that way in my rural hometown. But my teachers at Perpich knew I could do it, and encouraged me to do so. When I went onto college, I ran into the sexism I had hoped didn't exist (mostly in older generations). "You should sing, that's what women do. Men write symphonies, not women." I of course ignored this, and went on to get an interdepartmental dual masters degree in both vocal performance and music composition. If I had not had the guidance at Perpich, I more than likely would have not become a composer. I honestly don't even know if I would be a musician. Perpich is an important part of the community, and it needs to be around for future generations to come.

2017-03-19 20:31:10 UTC

The Perpich Center provides comprehensive arts education t a time when we need to be thinking and acting more holistically and sensitively in an increasingly interconnected world. It is important for children to have more than one type of education!

2017-03-19 20:52:03 UTC

I support a new website for the Perpich Foundation.

2017-03-19 21:07:41 UTC
Martha Reiter Wellington

Perpich and the Arts High School provided me with an incredible opportunity to study theater and be a part of an art community. Not only does the school support students' drive to create art, but also motivates and inspires students to go farther and explore beyond what they thought was possible.
During my time at Perpich as a student I felt included and valued to the community that we created. We were able to study the Arts as well as other disciplines and fully immerse into our learning experiences.
Please support this cause as the center continues to reach students state-wide.

2017-03-19 21:19:37 UTC
New website for Perpich foundation

I support a new website for the perpich foundation.

2017-03-19 21:46:51 UTC
Francesca Alfano

As a creative writing student at Perpich I had the opportunity to collaborate on writing projects with other students, read from poetry books that I still think about today, learn how to understand and appreciate other cultures and viewpoints through reading from texts around the world, and fully express myself through my art form. My teachers at Perpich were kind and generous with their knowledge and I always knew they wanted me to fully succeed along with my peers. After Perpich I went on to graduate from Beloit College and majored in Literary Arts and Museum Studies, and I now work in the Independent film industry in Los Angeles and collaborate on documentary and music video projects with filmmakers all over the world. I would not be so interested in and serious about the arts if I had not been exposed to so many creative people and art forms while attending Perpich.

2017-03-19 21:28:28 UTC
Linda Sjostrom

I attended the Perpich Center for Arts Education for my final two years of high school, and the experience was immeasurably beneficial. The school provided a rigorous education that reignited my interest in learning. Moreover, the instructors at PCAE showed a clear dedication to each student that compelled me to push myself more than I ever had before, both academically and artistically. My time there helped me find my voice in so many ways, and truly changed the trajectory of my life. There is a type of learning within PCAE – rooted in the encouragement of creativity and critical thinking – that prompts students to not only stay in school, but to continue to apply themselves outside of the classroom. It's difficult to find the right words to describe what a motivating and transformative environment PCAE is, especially for young people who struggle to fit in and thrive elsewhere. As the main fundraising arm of PCAE, the Perpich Foundation is a vital resource that helps students across the state discover their worth and their passions through high-quality arts education.

I've also been fortunate enough to attend meetings in the past with staff members of The Nerdery, as they were assisting the non-profit I was with at the time with a web overhaul. I loved visiting The Nerdery's Minneapolis office, because the environment gave off so much innovative energy and really seemed to highlight how the team thought outside the box. If Perpich is lucky enough to be selected as a finalist in the Overnight Website Challenge, I hope some of The Nerdery team gets the chance to visit PCAE's decorated halls to experience firsthand how the 'be yourself' ethos seems to be so present within both organizations. Perpich and The Nerdery are both such phenomenally creative and talented spaces. I would love to see how The Nerdery could showcase that by breathing some much-needed life into the Perpich Foundation website!

2017-03-19 21:29:10 UTC

Perpich is an amazing and much-needed option for our students. Please pick them, and help them spread their message in a more effective way!

2017-03-19 21:38:14 UTC
Robert Jacobs

I've seen firsthand how Perpich Arts High School transforms the lives of kids from across Minnesota. The Foundation's web site desperately needs upgrading to better communicate all the good things that go on in the school and to help raise additional funds to better support those activities.

An education at Perpich is a life-changing experience. I've had numerous grads and their parents tell me that "Perpich saved my life," or "Perpich saved my child's life." It's a truly special place that deserves support.

2017-03-19 22:12:25 UTC
Susan Higgins

Arts education is vitally important. The Perpich Center for Arts Education fulfills an important mission for Minnesota by giving creative students throughout the state an opportunity to grow and thrive in a supportive environment. Please support Perpich, its students and its mission.

2017-03-20 02:09:27 UTC
thomas Carlson

The Perpich Center is under new administration and, after a very difficult time, is forging ahead and determined to rebuild its invaluable place in the educational landscape of Minnesota. That rebirth is well underway, but it needs additional resources to pursue its goals. A new website for the Perpich Foundation will serve Perpich and Minnesota in so many ways.Thank you for considering this request.

2017-03-19 18:39:50 UTC
Mark E.

Perpich Center for the Arts may be best known for the Arts High School. That program is an extraordinary place for young artists to learn to express themselves through their chosen art field. As a graduate of the school, I know first hand the value of the education it provides.

Perpich is also involved in outreach and training programs for students, educators, and the broader community. As a former business owner and current employee of a multi-national tech firm, I know people connecting to their creative side is key to high-performance.

Due to constant cuts in the arts at the state level, Perpich is always at risk of losing government funding. The Perpich Foundation is a critical component to continue advocating and fundraising for the important work the Arts School and general center provide. Its website is currently outdated and very much in need of a refresh to allow it to better represent all that it does.

Please strongly consider the foundation as you choose your projects.

Thank you for this valuable community service!

2017-03-19 20:31:19 UTC

Perpich has done a wonderful job giving guidance and advice to less-fortunate kids and has helped turn around many lives in the community.

2017-03-19 20:34:20 UTC
Beau Pierre-Louis

As a dedicated Arts and Science enthusiast, the Perpich Foundation has always been ut utmost importance to me.
Its mission gears toward a more creative, balance, emotionally intelligent, and problems-solving society; research hasconclusively established the correlation between creativity, emotional intelligence, and problem solving capability.
To render viability to the foundation, a new website is irreverdibly necessary.

2017-03-19 23:19:59 UTC
Daniel Schulz-Jackson

As a web developer, I can say that a new website is definitely needed to help Perpich better achieve its important mission of reaching people with arts education who would not otherwise receive it. Mobile-friendliness is a high need for this site, as lower income folks often lack access to desktop computers but often possess mobile phones with internet access.

2017-03-19 23:24:26 UTC
Mariah Noel

Without Perpich I would have been underground. Literally perpich saved my life. After it saved my life it paved the way to lead me to teaching drama to kids in Ireland so I can come home and start my own drama school! Thank you Perpich and everyone I met there along the way!

2017-03-20 00:21:50 UTC
Jen Clark

Of the many things I learned at PCAE, then called MCAE in 1992 when I graduated, I value my abilities to defend, create, and appreciate all forms of art and creativity. I also learned how to cohabitate with other kids who came from all walks of life and backgrounds, how to get things done without my parents telling me what to do, how to be an independent person, how to love and appreciate the many diverse forms of art that were at my disposal, and I learned how to see beauty in everything.

This school changed me from a relatively sheltered small town Minnesota girl into a confident young artist with the belief that art can change the world one life at a time. I was the kid who NEEDED art, the kid who expressed everything there that I couldn't say out loud. This is a skill I cling to every day. I still utilize skills I learned at PCAE in the small town in Minnesota that I currently reside in. I am helping the small arts community in my town to grow through my own store where I help promote local artists. I also create my own art in the form of jewelry and photography.

I've had no other experiences in life like this one and I believe that every child who has a talent should have this opportunity. Please decide in favor of keeping the doors of this groundbreaking arts resource and learning center open to everyone. Art has more than monetary value, it teachers self expression and coping skills that many kids will never have access to. I'm very grateful I had the opportunity to attend PCAE and my life is forever changed.

2017-03-19 20:14:12 UTC
Nikki Swoboda

Perpich started my path as a lifetime advocate for arts education. It also quite frankly saved my life. As a totally lost teenager living in a small town in southern Minnesota, I came to Perpich as a last resort to finish high school. I'm now an education director at a theatre for young audiences, fighting for arts in grade school students' lives. Perpich has to continue to be a home for young artists needing a community. Please support them.

2017-03-19 21:21:32 UTC

The Perpich Foundation deserves a new website.

2017-03-20 01:12:00 UTC
2011 Alumni

PCAE is the best possible high school experience for young artists. It shaped my life dramatically and I have seen what an incredible impact it has had on the lives of so many around me. Please help its website get the boost it deserves so that even more young lives can flourish from attending this school!

2017-03-20 02:33:59 UTC
Alison Bergblom Johnson

The Perpich Center for Arts Education's great strength is in it's mission to serve the entirety of the state of Minnesota. As a student from a good rural school district I received opportunities at Perpich that have prepared me for the future in ways that would have been impossible had I remained in my home district.

PCAE's Foundation deserves a new website so that it's new leadership can implement powerful new plans to support the needs of the Arts High School and Professional Development Institute.

I hope for your help.

2017-03-20 02:56:51 UTC
Tom Pieper

Please support the artists and educators at the PCAE. I have had
the pleasure to work with students and faculty over the last 18 years
and see this community as vital for music education in the state of MN.
PCAE fills the gap and provides great opportunities for students
and all community members.

2017-03-20 05:51:11 UTC
Brian Heller

My time at the Arts High School remains one of most formative experiences of my entire life; and I use the results of my time there each and every day. I have made a rich career in the arts, and that is intimately connected to the institution of Perpich, and my time there. Attending the Arts High School exposed my fellow students and I to an enormously range of ideas, expressions, and approaches– not only in the arts, but in the complex world that we entered into. Students came out of the Center as well-rounded citizens, prepared to engage in the world– in their community, their state, their country, and globally. In short, the Perpich Center has benefitted me immeasurably, and in every sense.

2017-03-20 13:02:38 UTC

We need places like PCAE now more than ever. It's a matter nothing short of cultural survival.

2017-03-20 13:22:24 UTC
Frederick Gray

Arts Education is important because it makes people think and care about people. Our world needs more of that. A new website is a small gift to that world.

2017-03-20 00:04:49 UTC
K Eaton

PCAE is a program that saves lives. As a student, and now as a graduate, I have met many people who would not be here if it wasn't for the community and sense of belonging that PCAE offers. Additionally, many of the students feel that, even if they were not at risk of suicide, PCAE helped them turn their lives around and live better.

2017-03-20 01:57:53 UTC

As a Perpich teacher who needs to grade papers because our grades are due tomorrow, I cannot take time to say much tonight - and there is so so much I could say after working there for close to 30 years. I CAN say that anything you can do to help keep Perpich alive and well and well-funded would be wonderful. Our school has been a launching pad for so many creative people who found their true selves (and who found each other) on our campus! I wish you could meet them all - you would help us in a heartbeat.

2017-03-20 03:47:22 UTC
Matthew Wagner

Perpich was my second home from '97-'99. It was challenging academically, yet nurturing artistically. My grades improved greatly as a result of personal one on one attention from a faculty of artists and academics that cared about my future. It was here that I learned how to trust my voice as a young artist, and receive the guidance I needed to go onto a BFA in dance at a strong liberal arts college. From college I moved to New York where I had the opportunity to tour with several shows/companies, and dance with internationally respected choreographers. I have also had the opportunity to return to this school as a guest artist where I was able to see for myself that the education is as strong as it ever was. The faculty of Perpich have continued to support me in my most recent endeavors as a grad school applicant. I am pleased to say that I will be attending grad school in 2017. The great state of Minnesota needs a wonderful school like this, to continue the growth of young artists today!

2017-03-20 03:55:22 UTC
Taylor Moretter

Perpich was my home. Perpich changed my life. The staff treated me like a daughter, always pushing my strengths and helping cure my weaknesses.

Help perpich, they definitely deserve it.

2017-03-20 10:33:46 UTC

The Perpich Center really needs and deserves this new website! Supporting Arts Education is great for society. A service to the Perpich Center is a service to global citizens.

2017-03-20 12:18:55 UTC
Brian Shekleton

With several friends whose lives were changed by education they received at the Perpich Center. A new site for the Perpich Fondation would help reach out to future generations of students.

2017-03-21 20:59:13 UTC

PCAE is a place where creativity and ingenuity abound, and it deserves to have a website that reflects that energy and feeling.

2017-03-20 02:37:58 UTC
Katelyn Storch

I'm a recent graduate of PCAE and I wouldn't be the artists and person I am today without the growth I received from that school. Please help fund such a wonderful place that cultivates artists of the future!

2017-03-20 13:11:19 UTC

My sister went to the Perpich Center 17 years ago and it made a big difference in her life. It changes the course of the lives of children and teachers in Minnesota. A new website for its Foundation would help raise its profile to raise money to support Arts Education in MN.

2017-03-20 13:34:01 UTC
Michael Kelly

My daughter attended Perpich Arts High School and her life was forever changed in the short, two year span that she attended. Perpich allowed her to grow into what she was supposed to be, not into what a different school thought she should be. She had the freedom to explore and mature, while driven and guided to succeed by some of the most phenomenal teachers, friends and mentors.

PCAE has changed my daughter's life, my life, and the lives of many of the people we know and love. PCAE is a gem in this world. Any and all support to PCAE is support to the vitality of the people that live and work in this community.

2017-03-20 13:36:19 UTC
Miles Gray

I am in elementary school. I want to be able to go to the Arts High School some day, if I want, like my auntie. My schools need art, music, theater, dance. Please give this group a website to help.

2017-03-20 17:07:32 UTC
Farah Husain

I was in the third graduating class at Perpich. There couldn't have been a better more supportive faculty and staff for a young creative type who badly needed it. At Perpich I learned that not only were the arts viable but inherent to enriching both the artist's life and our communities and society as a whole. I was empowered not only to be who I am but to delve into my life experiences etc. in order to hone my craft and create work that felt deeply meaningful. Beyond that being surrounded by a environment that valued social justice definetly helped shape who I aspire to be in present day. I may not act any longer but I approach life with a curiousity and empathy that I know wouldn't be there if I hadn't been blessed with the opportunity to attend Perpich.

2017-03-20 16:29:30 UTC

When Arts High alumni say this school changed their life - that's not hyperbole. Students come together from all over the state to pursue their arts education at this excellent institution. This school provides a unique and valuable experience for students. There is no other school like it in the state.

2017-03-20 16:52:35 UTC
Austyn Dunham

I applied to PCAE from Switzerland in the middle of a yearlong exchange program. I initially went to Switzerland so that I could leave my previous school, Wayzata High, where I was extremely unhappy. As I was thinking about returning home, it was clear to me that I could not go back to Wayzata, and I needed to find another option. Through tons of research and help from friends and family, I finally found my perfect fit; Perpich.

I chose Perpich not only for their arts curriculum but also for the environment and culture that it embodied. Through my two years at PCAE, I felt comfortable to be myself for the first time. It was the stark opposite of my previous schools which prided themselves on their un-changing template curriculums, test scores and rote memorization techniques. I actually learned how to think for myself & how to take information and translate it into my own words. Instead of being alone with no friends and people making jokes about me, I found many people who I could relate to and empathize with. I found my family and the culture where I belonged.

Perpich was the catalyst for my life’s path and has made me who I am today. Not only did my self-confidence and spirit grow, but I also learned that I wanted to be an artist for the rest of my life. I went on to an art college in Georgia, and am now a designer for Target. I LOVE my job, and I LOVE my life. I don’t think I would be anywhere near where I am today without attending PCAE.

2017-03-20 16:56:09 UTC
Lindsey Pleasants '03

This school allowed me to be myself when high school seemed like nothing but a curse. The guidance of my mentors have made me who I am today. Please help us with our school!

2017-03-20 18:02:08 UTC
Maryann Dorsey

Please consider helping the PCAE Foundation's request for an updated and more functional website. The mission of PCAE is invaluable in the state of Minnesota and anything that can help spread the word of the agency's good work is most worthwhile.

2017-03-20 18:23:55 UTC
Michel Pleau

The Perpich Center Arts High School education and my visual arts major were critical and a key contributor to my later success as a business professional and artist/photographer. While most schools offer extracurricular focus on sports and other activities, the arts are also vitally important long term to our culture and future generations of creative thinkers. Keeting Perpich Center is extremely important to MN and future generations.

2017-03-20 18:53:30 UTC
Amanda Geyen Mansheim

I was fortunate to attend PCAE from 1990-1992. The unconventional way of thinking, analyzing, learning, and exposing me to things I never would have experienced was critical in forming my critical thinking skills as well as propelling me into my career as an artist/educator.

I came from a very hardworking middle class family, and was the first in my family to attend a four year college. I followed that with a Master's degree and Doctorate work. Had I graduated from my scheduled public high school I'm not sure it would have occurred to me to attend college.
I've taught at an elementary level, high school level, and collegiate level. I forward and share that unconventional thinking every single day with my students.

Given any child in any educational setting, a broad education rich with arts exposure is beneficial. That is all of us! I implore you to consider MCAE in your search for a worthy organization that would benefit from a website where its content would parallel the vibrancy of the organization. Look no further than PCAE.

2017-03-20 19:00:23 UTC

My time at PCAE was transformational. I am a better artist, life-long learner, and active member of society because of everyone I interacted with there, The challenging, world-opening education I received empowered me and expanded my professional horizons. Year after year, over more than 2 decades, PCAE has been a generous and inspiring resource for the students of Minnesota. PCAE would put these improvements to great use. I fully support them PCAE as a worthy recipient of this service. Thank you for considering PCAE.

2017-03-20 23:17:29 UTC

The Perpich Center is a unique and wonderful place in Minnesota and is so important to the students and alumni it serves. They deserve help with a new website!

2017-03-21 12:33:23 UTC

Perpich is a treasure and its implementation of its mission would be dramatically improved by a website that reflected and connected the dynamic, thriving, and diverse community that is the lifeblood of Perpich and contributes so much of value to our state. Perpich and its mission are essential. So many change-makers pass through its doors and out into the world. I know my life's work as an artist and activist was forged at Perpich and the same is true for countless others.

2017-03-21 12:34:07 UTC
Lisa Holt

Perpich is a treasure and its implementation of its mission would be dramatically improved by a website that reflected and connected the dynamic, thriving, and diverse community that is the lifeblood of Perpich and contributes so much of value to our state. Perpich and its mission are essential. So many change-makers pass through its doors and out into the world. I know my life's work as an artist and activist was forged at Perpich and the same is true for countless others.

2017-03-20 20:23:47 UTC
Alexis Saarela

The Perpich Center for Arts Education does great work for students all across the state of Minnesota. I had the immense privilege to go there for high school as part of their theater program and the school instilled not only academic lessons, but life lessons, especially with strength of self expression and finding your own identity. Would love them to have more resources and see their website reflex these great values!

2017-03-20 21:29:56 UTC

I couldn't be here typing this to you without my time at Perpich. I cannot think of a more understated and deserving place of a make over and tune up than this amazing institution. It was more than an education it was an awakening of what Love is.

2017-03-20 23:53:04 UTC

Such an important place! A new website is a much needed resource for them to continue to share their mission and stay at the forefront of changing lives.

2017-03-21 17:29:54 UTC

Perpich High School is an amazing place! As a parent of a first year student, I am amazed and thrilled at what my junior daughter has accomplished in just 7 short months at Perpich. She is a part of the media arts program at Perpich, and so far has been a part of 5 exhibits, won a Silver Key and two Honorable Mentions in the Minnesota Scholastic Art Competition, and had a short film selected to play at the Walker Art Center in the My Reel Student Showcase, and has been exposed to at least 4 different college expos. Since becoming a student at Perpich her confidence, her excitement I see in her face again in her learning, her drive to do more, her volunteering, are all a part of the way the staff and teachers are interacting, challenging and preparing the students for college and the next stage in life. Perpich is truly a unique high school experience that I wish was the norm for all public high schools.

2017-03-21 17:57:52 UTC
Amelia Foster

The Perpich Center for Arts Education provided an amazing education and connected me to resources that made my current career in the arts possible. Through a strengthened website, the Perpich Foundation will be able to position itself as a pillar of support for the school when it needs the foundation most. Please pick them for the overnight website challenge!

2017-03-21 20:08:45 UTC

The Perpich Foundation has transformed the lives of countless kids in Minnesota for over 31 years, they strive for excellence in everything they do. They truly deserve a brand new website because it will benefit the communities and kids of the future!

2017-03-21 20:09:16 UTC
Zubair Ahmed

The Perpich Foundation has transformed the lives of countless kids in Minnesota for over 31 years, they strive for excellence in everything they do. They truly deserve a brand new website because it will benefit the communities and kids of the future!

p.s. Forgot to place my name earlier.

2017-03-22 01:41:31 UTC

Since moving to MN I have met dozens of alumni of Perpich. I was struck by the fact that so many talented artists stayed in their home state. That is VERY rare where I come from. MN is extremely fortunate to have a resource like this school!

2017-03-21 21:25:20 UTC
Shelby Bergen

I graduated from Perpich in 2012, and I share a lot of the same sentiments that everyone else here has been talking about. Perpich changed my life for the better and aims to continue to do that. This place has changed many, many lives including my own, and I hope that it can continue to do that. I was given an amazing education and and amazing experience, one that has changed my life for the better. Please help Perpich!

2017-03-22 05:42:31 UTC

I have seen what The Perpich .Center for Arts Educaiton can do for arts eduction since its inception. At the it time, the Minnesota Alliance for Arts in .Education, the Minneaota State Arts Board, and Department of Educaifon worked together to develop the institution that now exists today. While the Arts High School is the most widely known of the functions of the agendy, the vasr number of Outreach and Professional Development programs have left an indelible mark throughout the state. Educators, artists, and students who participated in the Minneoata Arts Exoeriende (MAX) still talk about those summer programs and workshops, statewide, hundreds each summer for several years, .The
World's Largeat Field Trip--10,000 students--1,000 a day--bused to the (former) Guthrie on Vineland and the
Walker Art Center--from all corners of the state--experiencing workahopa, performances and master classes. Weekend residencies at the Guthrie with plays, classes and residential facilities provided for parents, teachers, and students. There are many many more examples of the influence and extension of the programs at PCAE. A research library housing materials about the arts not found in most K-12 facilities--another great resource. Participation and support in the Schooars of Distinction program affiliated with the Department of Education. The list goes on.

The success of PCAE is enhanced by the work of the Foundation, which in turn will be enhanced and extend its influence with a website able to better communicate and advocate for arts education in Minnesota.

I strongly support this initiative!

2017-03-22 14:56:51 UTC
Tom Kanthak

As a founding member of the faculty at the Perpich Center for Arts Education, I
have no doubt that PCAE is a vital State agency and part of the infrastructure of the State of MN.
We have contributed to the health, welfare, education, AND economy of our beautiful State.
If the State of MN can quickly replace a neglected bridge, it can repair PCAE, quickly.

2017-03-22 03:58:03 UTC
Kristen Barlow

This school shaped me. I learned so much more in those two years, than the previous two in a "regular" school. Yes, even academically. I gained more than academics, though. I gained self-confidence, a feeling of belonging, critical thinking skills, creative problem solving, and a deep appreciation for the arts. This school is invaluable for so many kids that don't fit the norm, many creatives think significantly different from the average and PCAE supports them.
The Arts are integral to a thriving community, and artists use their skills for more than just art. Artists are doctors, scientists, IT techs, social workers, politicians. PCAE doesn't expect kids to go on to be artists, it supports them in finding who they hope to become - thru arts based curriculum.

2017-03-22 16:35:40 UTC
Christy Hicks

Perpich is an integral part of the education system in Minnesota. It has served so many youth, artists, teachers, and community members over the years, and without it Minnesota would not be the same. As any non-profit, this foundation has always relied on a myriad of funding sources. Priority has not been given to bolstering the web presence, however it is necessary to do so now. If Perpich has a web presence that reflects the work done within and beyond the walls, it will tremendously help this organization thrive even more. I fully support this initiative.

2017-03-22 19:18:44 UTC
Michelle Moon

Perpich Center for Arts Education not only gave me the opportunity for arts education, but a well-rounded education in a supportive and creative environment that I did not have going to public school. All the teachers at Perpich excelled at teaching and truly cared about their students’ success and well-being both inside and outside of the classroom. One of the best things that I got from Perpich was the opportunity to see a bigger world and what I could become. The guidance counselor recommended a college for me in Massachusetts that was exactly what I was looking for and needed from higher education. I completed my BA in environmental studies and MA in urban planning. I’m now an urban planner in Boston, working to improve public spaces by bringing arts into people’s lives as well as connecting people to nature while working to address environmental issues. Perpichlead me to my profession by allowing me to explore music, visual arts, environmental science, and geography which has helped me to be able to think creatively about cities and creating places for people connect. I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t had the opportunity to attend Perpich. I’m sure there are countless stories like mine about how Perpich shaped their lives. I hope that there will more students who are able to benefit Perpich Center for Arts Education.

2017-03-22 22:15:40 UTC
Taylor Granlund McMillan

Perpich Center for Arts education is not only a public high school for the arts available to all students in Minnesota it is also a state agency which provides art education resources throughout the state. This makes the organization doubly important but also doubly exposed to MN state financing budget cuts. Perpich was amongst the first in the state of MN to offer a specific Arts educational option. For along time it was alone in its field. The school provides a dormitory and for a small fee, students from the non-metro area can live on site and receive their last 2 years of high school in addition to a focused curriculum in the art area of their interest. Recently, many charter schools with arts specializations have opened up in the twin cities, a major recruiting area for Perpich. Perpich has had to compete for students. With enrollment numbers down, it has put the school and the outreach agency on the budgetary chopping block, a new website and greatly improved SEO could very much help to combat this.

As an alumna of Perpich and a 3rd generation MN artist I believe that artistic vision and creative thought is one of the biggest assets Minnesotans offer to the world. I believe that Perpich, in its entirety, is able to uniquely and farely offer this to all who desire it.

Perpich Arts High was a safe haven for me as an inner city student. Perpich gave me access to academic classes from passionate teachers that were often better than my private undergraduate college classes. My artistic classwork exposed me to the history of my craft and the progression of expression over time. I was challenged while also supported and that opportunity created a self confidence which I carry into my adulthood. I am willing to take risks and be creative and share that with the people around me; whether it be in artistic pursuits or just everyday problem solving. I believe that the Nerdery is uniquely poised to provide the solution Perpich desperately needs to move into the future and create new generations of independent collaberative thinkers.

2017-03-23 12:18:14 UTC
Kristin Leonard

I know two young people who graduated from Perpich. They are now contributing members to Minnesota's economy and future growth. Investing in this school and helping the funding agency to better communicate its message is necessary so that Perpich can continue its mission.

2017-03-27 15:27:09 UTC

As such an important actor in education, having had such an immense impact on the lives of many, many individuals, Perpich merits this move towards an improved and reconceived web-site. Full and enthusiastic support here.

2017-04-03 20:16:42 UTC
Erica Krumm

I attended Perpich my senior year (2000-2001) and my experience was absolutely life changing. Previously my high school grades had been declining due to lack of interest, lack of support and disenchantment with the conservative and close minded administration in my school. Coming to Perpich completely turned my GPA around because I was able to be myself there and learn in a really positive environment. As a literary art area student at Perpich, I was able to focus on poetry and curriculum that I found really interesting and explore my own voice. I learned so much more in that one year of high school than all of my other years combined. I was able to perform and thrive.

Our Mission

The Perpich Center for Arts Education Foundation's ("Perpich Foundation") mission: Engaging stakeholders to support excellence in Minnesota Education in and through the arts. The vision: For the Perpich Center for Arts Education to become nationally recognized for excellence among the most prestigious arts institutions in the country.