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Minneapolis 2017, April 22-23

Bundles of Love Charity

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Bundles of Love Charity provides a bundle of baby basics for families in need. Our 700+ volunteers across 12 locations hand make clothing, sheets, diaper bags, quilts, and afghans. We then bundle these items, along with diapers, baby wash, and baby wipes, and distribute to our 100+ community partners. In 2016, we provided 3,747 bundles across 25 Minnesota counties.

What new functionality we are looking for

1. Donation buttons on home page and donations page

2. Contact us page

3. Online ordering of bundles for our community partners – accessed with username and password

4. Volunteer only page – password protected

5. Fundraising page

How the new functionality will help

Donation buttons:

Financial security is critical to any nonprofit. Our current website is not intuitive to find where donation information. An obvious ‘Donate Here’ button will make it a one click fix. This helps address both short term and long term goals to assist in stabilizing financial systems.

Online ordering of bundles:

Our current system involves emailing 100+ community partners on a monthly basis to find out how many bundles they need. This is a very manual and labor intensive process.

A password protected ordering page with backend database would simplify this significantly. The community partner could log onto the ordering page at any time during the month. They choose how many of each girl, boy, or neutral bundles they need, and place their order. That information can then go to each of the bundling locations so they know how many bundles they need to produce each month.

This eliminates human error in several places. The automation gives volunteers time back to actually making items for the bundles, or other necessary administration work.

This change works on the short-term goal of building stronger relationships with our agencies and long term goals to be able to increase market penetration and add distribution centers to serve more babies.

Password protected page for volunteers:

Currently the leadership team uses Huddle as the online repository for documents. The Huddle site is limited to 25 people, we currently have 20 workgroup leaders and 700+ volunteers that need access to various documents and information.

Contact Us page:

It’s not easy to get a hold of Bundles of Love Charity via the current website. The ability to grow our volunteer base is limited. It also does not currently allow donors to contact us about in-kind donations.

We would like to have a contact us page that has several functions:

-drop downs for what they want to contact us about, like volunteer opportunities, donating money, donating materials, other options

-drop downs for which location they would like their request routed to, out of our seven workgroups and two warehouses

-a database to track all incoming requests so if something is routed incorrectly, we still have the original request and can track/follow up

A strong contact us page helps meet the short and long term goals to grow the volunteer base. It will also contribute to the donation and fundraising goals.

Fundraising page:

The current website doesn’t make it easy or intuitive to donate to Bundles of Love. A fundraising page can have a ‘Donate Now’ button top and center for easy giving. The page can list our upcoming fundraising events. Corporate sponsorships and endowment opportunities can also be highlighted as ways to donate.

Easier website updates:

Our current website has one person that can access it to update it. A new website will have at least two administrators from our Technology Committee, plus a Board administrator.

How our organization will use the technology

Donation button – we want to make donating to Bundles of Love as easy as one mouse click. Making it easier for visitors to donate will lead to increased income, which leads to more bundles going to families in need.

Online bundle ordering automates a time-consuming process. Pull one report and you know which agencies need how many of each bundle type.

Password protected page for volunteers allows our volunteers to help themselves. The board can provide what they need in a safe space away from the general public.

Contact us page will simplify contacting us for both our website visitors and Bundles. Workgroup leaders will be notified of people wanting to volunteer. If people want to make in-kind donations, we can target which workgroup is closest to them for drop off or arranging pick up.

Fundraising page = more donations = more families helped.

Easier website updates are a boon to the Tech Committee. Having multiple people have access to update data and update code ensures continuity and smooth website operation.

Who will use the technology

Donations: Our finance director will see an increase in donations because we’ve made it easier to give to us. That allows us to purchase items and materials we don’t receive to make the bundles.

Online bundle ordering benefits our community partners, workgroup leaders and our volunteers. The workgroup leaders will know exactly how many of each type of bundle they need to make on packing days, and volunteers know what type of garments need to be made to meet the demand.

Our community partners benefit by ordering bundles when they are ready to order. They don’t have to wait for a phone call or email prompting them to gather their needs.

Password protected page for volunteers

A password protected page would allow us to have sensitive documents available to all who need them, without exposing Bundles of Love Charity to excessive liability. Having this functionality will enhance internal organization operations and building stronger relationships within the volunteer base.

Contact us page

Workgroup leaders and the board benefit from the new contact us pages and database. The workgroup leaders will receive emails with the volunteer requests, while the donations, corporate sponsorships and other questions can come to the board for review and response. The database will allow the board to go back and review all contact throughout the year to ensure proper follow up was done across all workgroups.

Easier website updates

Currently only one person can make changes to our website, and that depends on his work schedule. With a Board level administrator and two day-to-day admins from the Tech Committee, we can be more responsive to changes that need to be made on the fly, or regular updates to backend code.

Before & After Snapshots

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42 Messages from Supporters

2017-03-17 18:45:51 UTC
Annette Skrukrud

We have a large number of needy families in southeastern Minnesota and the bundles are greatly appreciated.
We also have a large number of volunteers who benefit from feeling useful again.

2017-03-17 18:14:49 UTC
Mary Jo Prinsen

Thank you very much gor considering our application. Long time friends Mitch and Sue Buckland recommended your work and suggested that Bundles of Love Charity apply. There are some improvements we need to make and Jo Seton also praised the work of The Nerdery, so we are very excited for this opportunity.

Bundles of Love Charity has operated as a Minnesota nonprofit since 2001 and touched the lives of more than 60,000 families welcoming newborns while experiencing poverty. We believe every baby deserves the basics and thanks to our dedicated volunteer base, we are able to provide a bundle of 25 to 30 handmade clothing, bedding and hygiene items every 140 minutes throughout the year. We welcome your support!

2017-03-18 00:23:15 UTC
Ruth Volk

I have volunteered with Bundles of Love Charity for almost 18 years. We provide an amazing gift to needy moms/babies that anyone would be thrilled to receive. We also teach our volunteers to sew, knit or crochet the items we make. We offer free online patterns for simple knitting, crocheting, and loom knitting for babies. We engage youth and children as well, having them help with a variety of age-appropriate tasks so that they can contribute to their community. It is truly amazing that an organization of our size and with such impact to our local families is still 100% volunteer. Many of our volunteers and leaders work full or part time at other jobs, and then volunteer hours and hours each month as well. We would appreciate any help in making our administration easier!

2017-03-18 01:52:01 UTC
Claudia Brau

Bundles of Love Charity has very passionate volunteers, all willing to make handmade clothing and bedding for infants. When I saw my first 'bundle assembly' resulting in a pile of colorful, hand crafted infant clothing items, I was amazed. Each bundle was unique just like the baby who would eventually receive the bundle. Knowing that the garments were going to wrap around a new baby was very heartwarming to me. Bundles of Love Charity needs to make it easier for volunteers and general public to access document and information. There are more babies that deserve the basics!

2017-03-20 14:02:04 UTC
Lisa Snell

I am a long time (18 years) volunteer of Bundles of Love Charity. I have dedicated my time not only to production tasks like cutting and sewing but also to fundraising and technology improvements. This organization has a passionate board of directors and hundreds of volunteers that are dedicated to it's growth. Extending and improving our website that is the face of our organization would be an important technological step.

2017-03-23 22:06:10 UTC
Lynn Walstrom

Bundles of Love is a great way to volunteer! My time isn't always a solid block of time and being able to pick up my knitting needles and make baby booties in any spare moment I have is rewarding. Especially knowing that babies born in poverty will have warm little toes!
A website designed for easier access to information would be a great plus to help more people be involved in helping others.

2017-03-21 17:55:14 UTC
Sam Snell

I started volunteering for Bundles of Love Charity in 2008 when I moved to Minnesota. This is an amazing grass roots organization that has captured my heart. Every person that walks through our doors no matter what role they play has a significant impact on the people we serve. From the sewers, bundle packers, drivers, committee members, and the board of directors, we are all very passionate about what we do and honored to be able to serve our communities. The opportunity to have our website completely done and brought up to current technology is going to greatly help our face to the community, but also greatly help communications within the organization. Thank you to everyone involved in this awesome project for considering us!

2017-03-21 19:50:04 UTC

I have been knitting baby afghans for Bundles of Love for about 4 years. The items that are donated to babies are wonderfully made and very appreciated by those who receive them. One of the unique things about Bundles of Love is that you can be a volunteer at almost any age. From youth and teenage organizations that volunteer on site, to some volunteers over 90 who are still able to feel useful and valued by sewing, knitting, and crocheting items where they live, everyone plays an important part. Upgrades in technology would enable Bundles of Love to reach more clients and more volunteers more efficiently.

2017-03-22 01:15:27 UTC

Although I have only been volunteering at Bundles of Love for a few months, I have a deep respect for all of the volunteers. The work everyone does is amazing! I am a crocheted and knitter, but have learned to use a serger and sewing machine also! I love being able to help make all of the clothing, sheets, even diaper bags and knowing that they are going to a family that really needs and appreciates these bundles. I do feel that a makeover for the website would make it much easier for people to find us. We can always use more volunteers and hopefully find more organizations that can use our help. Thank you for considering Bundles of Love.

2017-03-21 20:58:56 UTC

I have been volunteering with Bundles of Love for 10 years and appreciate the fellowship of everyone who donates their time and talents to the mission of providing basic newborn necessities for families in need. The heart and dedication of all who participate is amazing. It is a strong community of people from all walks of life and all ages who willingly share what they can for babies and their families. If we had a stronger and more effective web site presence,our impact would expand and more folks would have the opportunity to join and support BOL. It would streamline all communication opportunities - so important in this digital age.

2017-03-21 21:33:04 UTC
Bert Whitman

Bundles of Love has been an important part of my volunteer work. As a teacher, I don't have a lot of free time and I cannot get to meetings. Bundles of Love has provided me with the materials and skills needed to work at home to help create the bundles. In the summer when I am not working, I love to go to the meetings and see all of the exciting things that others are making and spend time with like-minded friends.

Most important to me has been that the bundles stay right here in Minnesota. Too often you don't know where your work will end up. With Bundles of Love, I know that what I am doing is going to meet an important need and making a difference to new parents.

I personally know parents who benefited from this during one of the most stressful times in their lives. Their beautiful daughter was stillborn. Bundles of Love was there with a special bundle with a soft blanket, a handmade angel robe for burial, a kit for making hand and footprints and other items that aided the family in their grief. When I went to the funeral, I recognized things from the bundle on their memory table and I was glad that Bundles of Love was there for them.

Bundles of Love is an amazing group to participate in. I hope to continue to many years to come.

2017-03-22 14:15:07 UTC
Cindy Johnson

I have been at Bundles of Love for almost 10 years. On my first visit to the New Brighton warehouse, I was given a tour by one of the women working that day. There was so much to see and learn about. Towards the end of the tour there were tears in the eyes of the woman sharing with me. I decided that any organization that produces that much passion in its volunteers was a place I wanted to invest my time. Bundles is a place where people work and grow together, to help MN. babies in need with the basics, and bring a little peace of mind to those new moms.

2017-03-22 19:09:05 UTC

Bundles of Love does amazing work! The volunteers are truly inspirational and the organization is much needed. Volunteering a couple times really made an impression on me. Bundles of Love is truly an amazing organization and I hope they continue for many more years! I hope to find my way back to volunteering very soon!

2017-03-23 02:28:09 UTC

I have been a recipient of a Bundle of Love as a new mom in 2016. The handmade items have been my favorite items that I have for my little one. They provide everything that a new parent needs and I fully support them and this opportunity!

2017-03-23 02:37:27 UTC
Sue Buckland

Bundles of Love is all about helping the babies. There is no one that takes an income, it is run by all volunteers! With the help from The Nerdery, the volunteers will have more time to make more bundles and reach even more babies!! The changes that they need would impact donors, recipients and the volunteers!!! There is no other non profit like this.

2017-03-24 01:06:48 UTC
Sue tobias

Donating to Bundles not only helps Minnesota's future generation, it blesses those that give our time and talents. I have spent years with my mom quilting and sewing for these little ones. It was a great bonding experience that I now share with my daughter. We spend hours together each week knitting and crocheting together. The gift of service has been passed down three generations. My daughter now works in social work helping kids in another way and volunteering here impacted her career choice.

Updating the website will allow us to reach more volunteers and then more kids in need.

2017-03-24 16:14:11 UTC
Lynn Turpin

I have been volunteering with Bundles of Love for almost 10 years. I started out crocheting for the babies in need and dropping off the items. I really did not want to be involved any further than that. Well let me say that Bundles of Love has become so much more for me. I have led the fundraising committee for several years, learned new skill to help where needed. The passion of the volunteers has inspired me to do anything I can to help the organization. Communication is always the key to success along with the hard working volunteers. Updating our website is very much needed to continue the growth in our community and reach out to more babies in need.

2017-03-24 11:25:42 UTC
Pam Darsow

Bundles of Love is all giving the bundles that are given to the new moms are all hand made by wonderful volunteer's, and all the materials are donated. The volunteers also deliver to the many different agency' s
The web site redesign would help with donations , volunteering ,and giving.

2017-03-25 18:08:46 UTC
Gina P

I have been volunteering with Bundles of Love since the beginning. I volunteered in hopes of "paying it forward" for all the support I received as a single mom. My son was welcomed to every meeting and was given tasks to do for the babies. We love being a part of the community, the friendships and the ability to impact babies and families in Minnesota. The growth of the group has been mostly by word of mouth and a new user friendly website would help BOL grow and maintain the wonderful gifts and support for the babies and their families.

2017-03-25 21:31:01 UTC

An updated website would advance the communication within the organization and with the community. This would ultimately make it easier all around to help more needy babies in Minnesota.

2017-03-25 22:22:21 UTC
Sonja Sheriff (aka: Snap or B'zonja)

I’m relatively new to Bundles. I’ve volunteered for 3 years which is pretty short compared to some of these long-timers. Obviously, this organization provides me the opportunity to help others in need. But, it also has given me such a great outlet for my creative endeavors. It was just the thing I needed as I retired from work.

Bundles of Love was one of the few places I checked out that did not require specific # of hours or a quota of items. They leave the level of time up to the volunteer and let the volunteer choose what activity fits their skills or interest.

In addition, they have patiently taught me new skills - serge type sewing, knitting, snap machine, etc. BOL is a wonderful place for that win-win outcome for all.

So this is a great organization doing great things, but they also are a great place to use your volunteer time wisely.

2017-03-26 05:21:18 UTC

Bundles of love is a great organization! I am a new volunteer, which in some places can be intimidating. I was welcomed with such warmth and patience while learning to do some of the many tasks that are done to order to make items for the bundles. The organization has processes for everything! I am very impressed with how everything is thought out and streamlined in order to make creating and assembling the bundles a smooth process.

It would be great for Bundles Of Love of receive this website redesign in order to streamline their website and make it easier for volunteers and donors to navigate the site and reach the organization easier and more efficiently.

2017-03-27 16:55:59 UTC
Michelle Freeman

I have previously volunteered at Bundles of Love and look forward to doing so again. The dedication of the volunteers and the gratitude of the recipients emphasizes that there is a great need for this service. I would love to see BOL receive this wonderful opportunity. It would improve functionality and perhaps help BOL add new volunteers and donors.

2017-03-27 22:02:58 UTC

I have been volunteering with Bundles of Love for just over a year, and I am humbled by the hours and hours our group coordinators put in, both at the meetings and on their own time. They give of their time and talents, and they often go un-thanked.

One of the things I like the best about Bundles of Love is the hands-on approach to helping those in need. I like being able to see how the donations of money, materials, and time translate into actual help for families who need help providing for their new baby without a great portion of the giving being syphoned off for 'administrative costs.'

Nothing is wasted, families are helped, and volunteers are blessed to be a part of something good.

2017-03-28 10:57:09 UTC

There is a beautiful simplicity to what Bundles of Love does. They take the talent of the volunteers, the donations of yarn and the need of the new mom and baby and put them all together for a wonderful exchange of giving. For a new mom struggling to give her baby what is needed to receive such amazing, handmade items which may very well become heirlooms, is a concept we all can get behind.

2017-03-28 16:56:51 UTC
Michele Roby Thacker

Dear Good People of the Nerdery,

Bundles of Love does the type of work that our world needs so desperately right now. They walk along side families experiencing hardship, without judgement, offering beautifully handcrafted basic needs at a time when feeling cared for means the most.

We are hoping to reach new audiences and spread the message of Bundles of Love. We would like to offer more opportunities for a new generation of crafters (there are a bunch of them!) to come together and feel the sense community and love that can’t help but show up when the goal is to help others.

Would you help us get this message on a fresh new webpage? It would be a dream come true for us! We are easy to please and very easy to work with on projects, we promise!

Thank you for considering Bundles of Love!

2017-03-28 01:09:26 UTC

I volunteer once a month, as often as I can with three kids at home! I have been going for 8 years. Every couple months I bring my two oldest along too to volunteer filling bundles for the babies, or picking snap colors for the jammies. Its not much, but every little bit counts and I really enjoy volunteering with Bundles of Love.

2017-03-28 21:58:10 UTC
Pam Pearson

In fall of 2011 I became an empty Nester as my twin daughters went off to college. I went to the mall of America with my husband to find volunteer projects. I came across bundles of love and saw that a meeting was near my home so I went on a Saturday morning. I was hooked! I have met the most amazing women and friends and it has become my family. I used to support another local charity but have fell in love with everything we do at bundles and now I donate all my time to them. It makes me so happy to help out the babies in need. I continually support and look for things to do to help things go easier for our group. This fall will be my 6 year mark and can't believe how the time has flown. Bundles of Love ❤️

2017-03-29 01:30:49 UTC
Joanne Larsen

The difference Bundles of Love makes in the lives of those who are struggling is portrayed in my favorite true story. Our group was contacted by a public health nurse whose client delivered a baby while incarcerated. I drove to deliver a "bundle" which is one of our homemade diaper bags filled with handmade baby clothing and blankets. Later the public health nurse told me the mother shed tears when she received the "bundle". I told my husband and he said, "Maybe no one cared before." The mother took the baby with her to treatment. Three years later another nurse requested bundles. She needed to talk. She was worried and afraid one of her clients might be in jail. I told her I had delivered a "bundle" to a mother in jail. She told me that sounded like another of her clients but this mom was working, getting an education, had a relationship with the baby's father and had a beautiful three-year-old girl! Did the caring of volunteers who created the "bundles" make a difference? I like to think it did. Of course, sharing information almost never happens because of confidentiality. This was an unusual circumstance. That day when I told our volunteers who were in our workroom, there were tears in their eyes. Yes, our volunteers do make a difference!

2017-03-29 00:40:46 UTC
Marilyn Rukavia

I am one of the original volunteers of Bundles of Love. I average 130 hours a month in volunteering by sewing, knitting and being a leader at the New Brighton site. I have watched this organization grow from five people to probably 500. We are making an amazing contribution to our communities and a new up to date website would make it so much easier for people to learn about us and volunteer with us. Although we are making a difference, there is so much more we could do if we had more volunteers. A new website would be a huge help to our organization.

2017-03-29 02:23:15 UTC
Ruth Nelson

I have been with Bundles of Love Charity for 16 years. It is a 100% volunteer driven organization supporting newborn babies in need. We have the best volunteers! Sending the love in their hearts and hope for the future in very tangible ways. We provide for basic needs through creating warm clothing and bedding as well as providing 10 diapers, baby wash and a diaper bag. Also preemie outfits that are sized appropriately for 3-5 pound babies. When these little ones are warm and comforted they can do their job...grow. I have also been able to support families through Bundles by delivering an outfit and 2 afghans to families who have lost their sweet little one at birth. Lincoln died at 29 weeks. His grandmother told me that her daughter-in-law is greatly comforted by the memorial afghan we provided.

Your help on our website would assist us in working with the hospitals, social service organizations, our corporate partners and our volunteers. Increasing our visibility on the web, supporting our fundraising efforts, building a stronger network and streamlining processes within our Bundles family.

Thank you for considering our application.

2017-03-29 13:58:12 UTC

To me Bundles of Love is a Life saver, not only to me but to all of the babies we are helping. When I think about the number of bundles we have done in one year it makes me thankful that we have a God who helps us also. The people I have been in contact through Bundles of Love are the most caring people I have ever known. When we are working together the love of what we do shows thru every item that we make. I have had the chance to deliver bundles to different cities and have met some of the people who work closely with mothers and their children. I never had any children of my own so in a way I am able to help others who receive these Bundles of Love.

2017-03-29 15:24:09 UTC

I too, am a veteran volunteer of about 8 years. I am a coleader of the knit and crochet group that meets monthly in Burnsville. We knit and crochet sweaters, hats, booties, afghans and diaper bags. Our group has a great time working together and sharing patterns and ideas as well as initiating projects that prople work on at home. It is amazing to me that all these volunteers are able to produce up to 150 Bundles a month of completely hand made items for babies and families in need. I also do sewing of baby clothes and it is surprising to many what a coordination of effort it takes to make just one little sleeper.
We could really use an update to our website to make it more user friendly. An update may also help to recruit new volunteers because without the volunteers, we have nothing.

2017-03-29 22:26:47 UTC

About 10 years ago I answered a calling form God to attend a Bundles of Love meeting at our church. This was the best thing I ever did.
I have met so many great people in the ten years and have even gotten my husband to volunteer. The person I thank the most for the time and effort put in to Bundles of Love is Ruth and I hope she will always be there. The babies need so much we all just want to help any way we can. Thanks

2017-03-30 17:43:08 UTC
Beth Fynbo

I spent 10 years active duty in the US Army. Ever since I was about 15 years old all I ever wanted to do was be a mom. Multiple deployments and several moves made it really hard for me to find my match. Finally, as a civilian I have and we are beyond excited to be expecting our first child. I'm 9 days past due and we are sitting in the hospital going through a very slow induction process. I sent my love out for some food and extras for our room and then was hit by many emotions of fear, anxiety, and nervousness about what is to come in the following hours and years. Out of nowhere, a nurse walks in with this package for me and says a group of people put them together for military veterans to help them out as they grow their family. These volunteers made us clothes, blankets, bibs, and much more all with a patriotic theme. Literally everything a new family would need right after birth is in this package! It made me think about my time in the Army and reminded me how strong I was to get through those years and deployments in the military and gave me the confidence to get through this new experience as well. The Bundles of Love volunteers are so generous and talented and their gift is beyond special and so appreciated! I hope they get all of the resources they need to continue their mission!

2017-03-29 23:44:39 UTC
Catlyn Von Ruden

Bundles of love is a wonderful organization! I have volunteer for years in the past before I had children. When I had my son I was in a bad stop financially. I received a bundle and I was surprised and delighted! I had no idea I would get one. When I opened it up at home I was so happy I cried. I knew everything was made with love (as I volunteered in the past, I got to know all the people who work so hard and with love.) I felt like I had help and someone understood my hard and embarrassing situation. This group of people deserve to be helped out just like they help people!

2017-03-30 17:43:06 UTC
Beth Fynbo

I spent 10 years active duty in the US Army. Ever since I was about 15 years old all I ever wanted to do was be a mom. Multiple deployments and several moves made it really hard for me to find my match. Finally, as a civilian I have and we are beyond excited to be expecting our first child. I'm 9 days past due and we are sitting in the hospital going through a very slow induction process. I sent my love out for some food and extras for our room and then was hit by many emotions of fear, anxiety, and nervousness about what is to come in the following hours and years. Out of nowhere, a nurse walks in with this package for me and says a group of people put them together for military veterans to help them out as they grow their family. These volunteers made us clothes, blankets, bibs, and much more all with a patriotic theme. Literally everything a new family would need right after birth is in this package! It made me think about my time in the Army and reminded me how strong I was to get through those years and deployments in the military and gave me the confidence to get through this new experience as well. The Bundles of Love volunteers are so generous and talented and their gift is beyond special and so appreciated! I hope they get all of the resources they need to continue their mission!

2017-03-30 20:07:52 UTC

I've seen the Bundles of Love warehouse and sat in on getting items ready for the layettes. It's truly impressive to see all the volunteers who give hours and hours of their time and talent to meet a need for new parents in 25 of our Minnesota counties. These workers bring joy to thousands of families!

2017-04-01 03:32:09 UTC
George & Kim Hudachek

We began volunteering for Bundles of Love about a year ago. We found this to be the perfect place for us to volunteer together, with each of us able to contribute in ways that are meaningful and specific to our interests and abilities. We’ve found that volunteers are the organization’s greatest asset, and we’ve been pleased to see how welcoming they are to everyone who comes through their doors. No matter the age or circumstances there are ways for everyone to help, both at the warehouse and from home. These are amazing folks that selflessly give many hours of their time, in ways that we continue to discover.

In our relatively short time volunteering here, we’ve become aware that it takes a lot of organization to keep track of everything that goes on at Bundles of Love. Recent growth has led to a need for updated technologies to help facilitate communications and outreach. A refreshed and enhanced web site will go a long way toward making this happen.

2017-04-01 08:02:29 UTC

What an amazing organization! Entirely volunteer. Nearly everything is donated. Funds for purchased items--quilt batting, bolts of fabric for crib sheets, flannel receiving blankets, etc--are raised through donations, grants, and craft sales. The people who volunteer to sew, organize completed items, organize donated fabric, yarn, and other supplies are a wonderful mix of individuals who bring a variety of talents. The Bundles of layette items are a gift to families and mothers in need.

This organization would benefit from a website update. An updated website would benefit this organization by providing better communication and help the leaders with organizational tasks. It could encourage more volunteers and donations. Both are required to continue this valuable work.

2017-04-02 23:02:00 UTC

My name is Judy, and I am a sewing addict. I searched online for a volunteering opportunity that involved sewing & found Bundles of Love website. I joined the Ham Lake work group one night and continue to sew with this group 10 years later. I give a lot of time & energy to BOL by sewing clothing, but also by shopping for deals on fabric & yarn. My employer, Kemps, recently matched employee donations so $1000 in diapers, wash, wipes will be donated. There isnt an easy way to direct people to the website to donate in the future. Upgrade is needed to give interested people an easy & safe way to donate.

2017-04-03 03:46:39 UTC
courtney hawkinson

i have been volunteering with Bundles of Love for a few years now and i have been so blessed to be able to use my time, talents and treasures to benefit the babies and mothers in need. this organization has provided an outlet for people to give back and to learn very useful and creative skills in sewing, knitting and crocheting the beautiful blankets, jackets, booties, hats, etc.

there's is a worthy cause and a they are very deserving people.

Our Mission

Our mission statement: We are a volunteer driven nonprofit that partners with community organizations to assist Minnesota families in need by providing handmade items for newborns.